Why does the KMT have a higher approval rating than the TSU?

And I thought Americans were dumb for “electing” Bush.

The KMT is a fascist party loyal to China.

Why can’t every Hoklo, Hakka, and Aboriginal see this?

Money mkesthe world go around… Also the “loyalty” thing, and add, that in the past, some ppl believed that there were advantages voting for the KMT.

Add that everybody over 25 were more or less brainwashed in school.

Won’t last long, though.

These days, a lot of these people think they have more reason to fear the DPP and the “Taiwanese” majority, than they do the KMT / mainlanders.

well, less brainwash…

To all of the above I would add that the TSU is now the most radical of Taiwan’s political parties. They are getting the lowest approval rating because they are rocking the boat. This used to be the position the DPP occupied. Interestingly, they are the party with the most room to gain seats in the upcoming election despite their lower approval ratings. Expect to hear the TSU’s voice become louder after the election.

I would have to personally say I am much less comfortable with the TSU than I am with the DPP. MAny TSU politicians really are demagogues with chauvinist and exclusionary views.

Don’t know what poll ratings you guys are looking at but if you are talking about the China Times poll of Sept. 20 – which i suspect you are – then the PFP came bottom. The actual ratings were PFP 25, TSU 31, KMT 33 and DPP 42. For the KMT to score only two percentage points better than a radical “fringe” party like the TSU is as blunt a condemnation of Lien Chan’s leadership as you could find.