Why doesn't a local version of Uber Eats or Food Panda pop up

just curious why all the money has to go to a foreign-owned company.
Is an internet-based food ordering system so novel that a local association or local business cannot do it?

I don’t understand the title.


I don’t understand the title.

local association?

You think restaurants, which compete with each other, will come together to make a food delivery collaboration?

local (food) business

They are usually too small to do it.
You actually see larger chains having one or two delivery scooters (e.g. KFC, several Pizza Chains and drink shops) and they don’t bother with Food Panda/Uber Eats.


Small businesses rarely have the right mindset to organize and co-operate. That’s why they’re small businesses.

Aside from that, they typically don’t have the time or the financing to start up something like that. Running a restaurant is pretty intense, and if there’s a corporation offering a useful service at a reasonable price … well, people will just use it instead of reinventing the wheel.


Most of the local small food places near by deliver anyway,
phone them to order and some one will normally pop round on a scooter.

Even the ones on food panda will deliver for cheeper if you phone direct.
(some of the local places i get food from are now on food panda, but the prices are more expensive if i order online)

The problem is often the customers are entitled whiny selfish folks that dont think to call directly and order. Rather have an app that has everything listed. You know, like a phone book (registry).

I recommend t the movie Wall E.

Marketing and wall street funding , food panda and ubereats have enough capital to eat the losses for a couple of years at least.


No pun intended?

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