Why don’t some of my posts have a heart on?

The problem is that the forum is then flooded with contentless replies and makes it slower to read.


i agree with this statement :point_up_2:



As do I.

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@Marco out of interest, what is the most Hearts that have been given to a reply?

you can use the badges to figure that out

10th person to give you some love, now you should get a medal for it.

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I haven’t earned nice topic, yet. Maybe ‘heart on of the day’ would do it for me…

If you go to my original question and give me a heart, it will tell you how far from the record I am.

Gotta make more and better topics!

I heard people like puppies apparently, I don’t see the appeal but Tinder tells me otherwise.


And cats, lots of cat pictures.

i’m not good with thread titles. i made a thread about that once

Yes that’s right. The Internet hive mind likes cats as well.

Clickbait the shit out of it.

Fish hooked on Meth and Cocaine?


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ok, the line is in the water…

11 views in 2 minutes but 0 likes on the topic. I think there might be resentment about the false advertising; successful clickbait, though.

Man, that photo put some dust in my eye that day.


I know we have a heart icon for liking posts, but can we please also have a Spank Me! icon.

Sometimes you just need a little bit extra.

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:potato: :clap:

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Spank my potatoe?

Oh nice, an icon for “Ass with the Clap”!

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