Why extremely beautiful people get fewer dates

Comforting for us extremely beautiful people.


The online dating site OK Cupid has disclosedthat people who post the most beautiful profile pictures are less likely to receive dates than people with more down-to-Earth looks.

A couple of years ago it was AM and BW who received less dates. Now it’s beautiful people. I’m guessing OK Cupid’s algorithms just suck.

What do AM and BW mean?

Just because they get less likes doesn’t mean they get less dates.


I could be wrong, but I’m assuming Asian Men and Black Women, who both reported low response rates on dating apps and sites.

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When are they going to address the issue with BOGs getting fewer dates?


Boring old gits?


Obviously not written by an extremely beautiful person.

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The wife and her sweeping brush !

I was thinking balding old guys, but you win.


You don’t have to choose. :sunglasses:


My girl made a tinder for me and set my preferences as gay as a joke. My profile blew up. I’ve never gotten so much attention in my life.

It’s probably what girls feel like, even if they’re just semi attractive. Guys rate girls 50/50 as above and below average, girls rate guys 10–15% above average and 80-85 below average.


This isn’t groundbreaking, Andrew. Females subconsciously choose an apparently superior mate. Exceptions with modern humans would be a mate who offers more that will help with survival.

I think it’s interesting as guys are generally thought of as more shallow than women. I think guys care more about looks but are less harsh on them.

Your height is probably a big factor. Gay guys seem to care as much about height as a lot of women do. I think Gain said he won’t date anyone under six feet. Or at least he implied as much.

Yeah, it’s actually a fairly common comment. I am apparently the ideal height for many gay men.

They like to be little spoon.


How the hell does that work. :grin:

You select your sexual preferences on your profile.