Why has referring to Taiwan as a 'renegade province' fallen out of favor?

Shit was dope, made this place badass, now we just a bunch of strawberry bati-men putting on guyliner and holding our bitch’s purse.

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You do know that that post is a bit of a troll, right?

Jai-yo! :thumbsup:

[quote=“jimipresley”]You do know that that post is a bit of a troll, right?

Jai-yo! :thumbsup:[/quote]

A question that will start discussion mixed with a bit of a laugh is not trolling it is next level posting. STEP UP YOUR GAME, you’ve been too busy playing patty back nicey over there at Taiwancheese and now you’ve lost your edge, vanilla serves you well, but once the cornerstore stocks a bit of chocolate, strawberry or macha, you see who the real players are.

Besides, my threads always deliver, I am the people’s champion, the Ang Mio Hero, the waygook spook, the waiguo ha pungyo, the king of this overseas cracker shit, thought you knew?

cereal doe, why we no use this no mo?

I don’t know “why”–but I can say this:

This ain’t no goddamn “province,” “renegade” or otherwise; it has the foundations of a nation.


He’s got a point though. Bitches love renegades. Maybe this is something to do with the falling birthrate?

Calling Taiwan a renegade province is looking at it from China’s perspective. But over the last five or six years, China has largely co-opted Taiwan, so much so that Taiwan is now a Chinese tourist destination. When your “enemy” is loudly walking up and down your city streets and taking photos of your home, and you do nothing about it, you’re not much of a renegade anymore.

China is (are) the renegade province(s).

Yeah renegade of a renegade sounds dumb.

Renegade province is evil cult.

In order to be a renegade, it would have to have reneged on something. What might that be–the “1992 Consensus”?

Their promise to retake the mainland? :smiley:

Remember the old “pariah nations”? Taiwan,Israel and South Africa- supposed to be co-operating on building the Bomb- qt least 2 out of 3 actually were.

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Seems like they are back at it again.

Shitty article.

Completely obliterates Taiwans history prior to WWII.

Also notice the colour they deliberately choose for Taiwan.

BBC News - China and Taiwan: A really simple guide to a growing conflict

That “guide” is shite. Look at this:

Why is Taiwan separate from China?
The split between the two came about after World War Two

In fact, the key split was in 1895 when through the Treaty of Shimonoseki China gave up its claims to Taiwan and the Pescadores in perpetuity.



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"The split between the two came about after World War Two, when there was fighting in mainland China between nationalist government forces and the Chinese Communist Party.

Now that is just an embarrassing attempt at history.

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