Why has the housing forum changed to forumosifieds?

Why has the housing forum changed to forumosifieds? This was a really great forum for finding or renting housing?

Forumosafieds is still part of Forumosa. The people posting there are the same people posting here and you can use your Forumosa login to post there.

Forumosafieds offers more features (such as RSS) and a better layout for advertising, while still being intrinsically linked to the Forumosa discussion forum. Look at the bottom of the Main forums page, or to the right of every sub-forum, those details are being fed from Forumosafieds.

what is RSS? What are its special features?

It wasn’t broken, so it didn’t need to be fixed.

I’m sick and tired of them messing around with the format- and the clip art is dreadful.

Bring back the original forum style classifieds!

Dear God

Who is ‘them’? The buck stops here

I’ll consider it - tell me why

Dear God

I would really like to know what it is about the NEW Forumosafieds that bothers You so much.

I’ve tried to keep in mind the suggestions made by Forumosans when we’ve attempted past Forumosafied websites:

  1. you log in with the same Forumosa ID
  2. you can browse the latest forumosafied ads from within the forums

There is still a long To-do List of features and improvements. And we will always strive to be open to more changes and improvements. Just say the Word and Thy will be done

As You also probably well know (omniscience is a handy thing, ain’t it?), the rumors are true and we are working on a magazine-style Taiwan living guide website that will launch pretty soon (in BETA, but what can You do?) The NEW Forumosafieds will have “deep links” into the magazine’s pages of tips and suggestions for effectively placing and answering ads (among lots of other things written by Forumosans over the years). God only knows how difficult this is to do in the current forum framework.

Your eternal wisdom is always appreciated. And, hey, when You get a chance, do let us know when You plan to make it back on earth (just don’t make it too soon - I want to see how well or poorly our NEW Forumosafied bet turns out)

Humbly Yours,


You can learn more about it here: feedburner.com/fb/a/aboutrss