Why "human" translators don't have to worry

It never ceases to amaze how in this day and age…

We can send someone into space, we can produce functional 90 nanometer process semiconductors, wireless communication is taken for granted, and yet…

Computers are unable to “understand” us or communicate with us. Or maybe it is the other way around?

No wonder at all, since we often can’t communicate amongst ourselves (just take a look at the flounder/flames threads but that is another thread).

Look at this, a translation from Babel at Altavista. Can you “get” the joke?

  • On Taiwan Danjiang University’s some wall appeared the doggerel which shrugs Horizon where does not have the fragrant grass Why insists on egg Jiang Chao The egg river female student clown also is old Moreover the milk small does not have the brain This colleges and universities Zha ﹙ female student ﹚ is mad but, thereupon also added several to it Horizon where does not have the fragrant grass Why insists on egg Jiang Chao The egg river male students are short 屌 Moreover the bird small does not have 睪 After 3rd public figure’s watching, has obtained a summary The fragrant grass why horizon looks Egg Jiang Woli oneself is good The clown old happen to matches short 屌 The milk small happen to matches the bird to be small Does not have the brain happen to match does not have 睪 The egg river men and women do not have the worry After does not die small strong watching, made has mediated greatly summarizes. hoped everybody quarrelled don’t again… The horizon fragrant grass gets up the mighty waves Dan river 男女生 argument 天生我材 must be useful Small strong 11 bright 醜女 works really industriously The family has an old like treasure The milk 小別 feared runs with the person Does not have the brain to exempt the heart to be agitated The short male inborn spirit is high Has the talent to play 屌 also just Bird young depends on is excellent the technique Does not have 睪 is intimate exempts Dai T’ao -

IF YOU GET THE JOKE :notworthy: