Why I gave vegetarianism the chop after 17 years

Is this the right forum?
I think so.

An interesting read by Alex James of the Brit-pop group Blur.

[quote]Chopping up my first lamb stayed vividly on my mind for a few days. The anatomy of a sheep is pretty similar to our own, really. I couldn’t scratch my ribs without the image of that immaculate carcass springing to mind. I thought about it involuntarily as I lay in bed at night. But, boy, those chump chops were good.

I was a vegetarian for about 17 years. Now here I am, butchering and eating one of my own lambs.[/quote]

Link here.

Josefus -
I thought this was about you. I have no idea who this guy is.

Happy New Years!

Nope, not me.

Meat is yummy.

HNY to you too!