Why in the world would anyone COMPLAIN?!?!?

Man awakes to blowjob, files for rape, wins

I’d have to know more about the case. Did the woman have braces? It’s important to know these things.

Crazy Norwegian… :loco: How could he possibly complain about that?

Or maybe I just don’t understand Norwegian culture… :wink:

In case anyone else is following this critically important story, the girls now claim that one was crying over an ex-boyfriend, and the other was merely comforting her – and yes, the girls have been fired. One has gotten a lawyer because she is worried about also being fired from her main job as a nurse.


Actually, that’s pretty sad. First they were fired from their fun job before any serious investigation took place, and now they might have problems in regular employment, all because some whiny drunken bitch couldn’t wait a minute to take a piss and made up some bullshit.

:roflmao: The funniest thing I’ve read all day!