Why is everyone so scared of China?


I guess the Anti Japanese film plot got old for them. That’s literally every war movie in China.

They’ve been selling hard on the idea of their friendship with the African nations there.


EYE’M the one who’s drinking? :roll:


Yea, clearly on the moose juice


He is not even president for two years…


Which is all the more impressive!!!

I think he meant he is doing something that is going to box them in for the next 10 years.




Eh problem is Mexico, Latin America, Africa, most of Asia except may be India, are slowly but surely falling hopelessly into China’s embrace. They owe it big and will do its bidding. And since the US is in its isolationist phase, they do not care.

Being buddy buddy with Saudi Arabia can turn into another Iran or worse, with what is happening with Yemen and Saudi exported terrorism. IS has lost both allies and credibility worldwide, and any exposed flank is ripe for attack.


I have to disagree, the US isn’t in isolation mode and they do care. The US is just tired of helping everyone and then getting shit for it. Help fund most of nato, gets shit on by France. Macron should walk the beaches of Normandy to remind himself why he’s not currently speaking German right now, but maybe that doesn’t matter with how much he’s doozying up with the chancellor.

Iraqis before US troop: help us take down sadam!

Iraqis today: I want sadam back.

Just the hypocrisy of blaming the US for not intervening placing the responsibilities on the US, and if the US does intervene they get shit on.


Didn’t they lose that war with Japan?

(In the end, the US bailed them out. You’re welcome.)


Who is saying that?

I know many Iraqis and to a person, they hated Saddam and are glad he’s dead. The chaos that followed was nothing unexpected. They knew an inescapable storm had been brewing for a generation. Very pragmatic folk.



Saddam represented 20% of the population. He oppressed and looted the other 80% for their sake. The 20% will always remember him fondly.

It was basically a small empire. This is the logic of empire.


There were many sino-Japanese conflicts. But the CCP seems to do some historical revisionism with how much the PLA fought the Japanese which is almost none. It was mostly the KMT while the PLA was hiding in the mountains and gathering troops while attacking the KMT.


There’s not one kind of Iraqi.
Which is the whole reason there was a war in the first place.

For pragmatic people they have quite a habit of blowing each other up.


I heard an interview on NPR with the former Iraqi Ambassador to the US during HWBush’s title reign recently. The first gulf war in 1991, the egging on the majority to revolt, the crackdown that followed, and finally HW’s sanctions led to the destruction of the Iraqi middle class. Which led to the second war and yadayada.

And that’s how to destabilize a country. I imagine that’s what’s got Iran sh8tting themselves these days.

Anyway, back to China. I just happened on a series of China articles by TOM ROGAN…a conservative Political columnist. Senior Fellow at the Steamboat Institute.

Interesting set of reads:


The Nazis blamed World War II on the strict sanctions imposed on Germany after World War I. I don’t know what they blamed World War I on.

I blame World War II on the Nazis. On Japan, too. As for the Middle East, the Ottomans couldn’t keep the lid on that forever, and they couldn’t turn down the burner either. They had their own issues.

Stability is overrated. Let Discordia sort them all out.