Why is everyone so scared of China?


Seems that if you are ethnically Chinese and don’t live in China, it is best to avoid China.


TAIPEI/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States sent two warships through the Taiwan Strait on Monday in the second such operation this year, as the U.S. military increases the frequency of transits through the strategic waterway despite opposition from China.

The voyage risks further heightening tensions with China but will likely be viewed in self-ruled Taiwan as a sign of support by President Donald Trump’s government, amid growing friction between Taipei and Beijing.

Reuters was first to report U.S. consideration of the sensitive operation on Saturday.

“The ships’ transit through the Taiwan Strait demonstrates the U.S. commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific,” Commander Nate Christensen, deputy spokesman for U.S. Pacific Fleet, said in a statement.

“The U.S. Navy will continue to fly, sail and operate anywhere international law allows,” he added.

Taiwan’s defense ministry said it closely monitored the operation and was able to “maintain the security of the seas and the airspace” as it occurred.

Pieces on the board move again. Drop out of the intermediate range Nuke deal with Russia which China wasn’t part of anyway and then send some warships through the Strait. Nice.


They’re an expansionist military power that environmentally wrecks everything they touch and have a history of human rights abuses that’s pretty hard to stomach.

That said, the view of China presented here goes overboard in describing them as the great satan of life and ‘gee doesn’t China suck’ seems to be a prerequisite for fitting into the group of older expats here who define themselves by hating China.

Like every place, there’s good and bad there and it depends on one’s attitude.


Exactly, and with trump in power its not looking like they are going to get better really soon. Its scary really.


Interesting. I teach lots of kids from Central Africa. When the translators from the same places are in to help with testing, I talk to them about home. China, they say, is wrecking the continent, sucking out all the natural racehorses, arming the military, paramilitary, or rebels to suit their needs, supporting brutal dictators, cleaving countries in two…and why? Because their economy is so precariously balanced on a foundation of making people deposit money into government banks and lending said money right back to the people with no threat of default…ever. China has provided a wonderful headfake super-carrier to look at while they have already succeeded in taking over the economies of desperately poor countries, enslaving their citizenry to generational dictatorship and civil war with the subtlety of calling them “monkeys” to their faces. But they NEED to do this to keep their machine going because all that money people deposit is thrown back into the economy to keep it from crashing at say, something like $800,000,000,000 every month or so.

But hey, they just opened a big stupid bridge from Honk Konk to Macau so they can throw their trash directly into the sea.image
Good on them!


Man, the dinner ware in Africa must be real bad. I am still trying to figure out the bit about sucking out racehorses though, how does a dinner plate do that? The mind just boggles. the level of sexual perversion is just unthinkable really, as in its impossible even to picture it.





This I disagree with. Geopolitically, Trump is boxing China in for decades, militarily and economically. Want to slow China’s growth, back away from Saudi Arabia and let Iran loose. The US doesn’t get a whole of oil from the ME. China sure does. WWI started when some fairly meaningless schmuck was assassinated. WW China could easily start with some Saudi “journalist” being hacked up and dissolved in Turkey. China can’t expand in any way without oil. Oh, and manufacturing is moving from China into Mexico…better and cheaper…and we already speak their language. Imagine that.


YouTube channels to sharpen your pencil with:
Black Pigeon Speaks
Caspian Reports
VisualPolitik EN


Jeeze trump needs to grab china by the p _ _ _ y cause if he is boxing it militarily for years and all, I mean any grandma can break a plate like. Anyway the real issue is the wontons of mass degustation schcause the us doesn’t get that much oil from the me either cause, you know, “what’s yours is ours and what’s mine is mine”, but at the end of the day I’ll usually let the schus have a go on the wii if they schkeep out of the schmuck and all etc etc and they all speak hindi over there so its cool.


Taking a page out of Europe’s playbook I guess. How do you say ‘Heart of Darkness’ in Taiwanese?


Only a sniveling twaught strings the above words together like this without being ironic.


what HAVE you been drinking recently?



A more concentrated version of what jdsmith was drinking I guess.



To my adult eyes, this reads as a pamphlet warning against STDs. Oh to be young and innocent again.


to MY ears, it seems weird to drink human juice… of any kind. Now, cow juice I’m strangely ok with.




The Chinese will save the world, this is the most popular film in China right now from what I heard.


Yippee eye yay muddertruckers!


Haha, that was… weird