Why is it so hard to leave Taiwan?


One of the fellow students who came to Taiwan with a scholarship the same as me back in the day chose to leave for the same reason: he was too confortable. In his words, he saw Taiwan as a bubble, a very comfortable fish bowl of safety, where it was too easy to thrive… but always had a limit. he was an overseas compatriot, so his life here was even easier than mine in terms of language and interactions, though he believed I had it easier in terms of job availability and general acceptance, though I disagreed in this last item. So he left before engaing in college studies even tjough he applied, and went back home to the work/marriage/kids deal. It did not help that he met one of those women who played/preyed with his feelings, but that is another completely different telenovela.

The OP may be having a mid life crisis, in terms of what am I doing here? Or just the fish bowl has grown too small for him, the long term prospects careerwise very dim.

In my case, if I had a house/car I might have a bit of peace from my family. The OP must ask himself if he is putting goals for himself or if there is any other external pressures.

Plus OP has wife and kid to consider, whether they will be happier here of there is a gamble.


In my brother’s case, 100 thousand NTD +, with free accommodation and lunch. Granted, it’s out in the sticks of Hsinchu.

And if you’re a fully qualified teacher who can teach one of the “hot” subjects like IT/computing, you can make a lot more.




Brit: Hell yes!

Californian: Hell no!


In most European countries you now what to expect, Taiwan is uh, too cold, too hot, too humid mostly.


What do you miss about Taiwan after going back? Im starting to feel bored here after 6 years, wonder if I’d miss it too if I left.


I left Taiwan and realized it was a mistake. I can’t wait to go back and visit next month.


I’m still back once or twice a year (like, for a couple of weeks or a month at a time). I’d move back in a minute if I could.


It’s just an amazing place to spend your young years. I can absolutely see why some of the older married people here are so jaded with the place, but there’s just nothing like it when you’re young with few responsibilities.

Mostly, I miss the people and the social life. There was always some group or activity I could join in after work or on the weekends, always new people to meet, great food to eat, etc. I was going hiking regularly, every now and then I’d go on a date (I’ve been back in the UK for a year and a half and haven’t been on a single date), meetup.com events, etc. I had a very comfortable lifestyle in which I never had to worry about money (although I wasn’t able to save much either).

But I haven’t lived in London for most of the time I’ve been back. It’s very possible that I’ll be able to do much of the things I miss about Taiwan when I start my new job in London next month. I might very well not miss Taiwan as much once I’m back in civilisation.


As an older married person I’m still not jaded with the place, although there are aspects that annoy me. If I were rich I’d prefer to be in London. Being anything other than a home owner in London is a shite life according to my friends who are still there.


You wrote 5 paragraphs and only mentioned your wife and kid in one short sentence towards the end. It’s not just about you. It’s a decision you and your wife have to make together involving the three of you.


I would enjoy living in London for a while too, if I was really rich


Why indeed?

In addition to myself, a lot of folks I know who moved back (to the states) regret it and miss the comfort and ease Taiwan affords. Yes, you kinda hit your head up against the glass ceiling before you step off of the plane, but where else can you work part time, go out every night, and still have money to both save and blow?


Better than being me in exile and not being able to go back :pouting_cat::grimacing:


Work part-time and save and blow money in Taiwan. Don’t believe it.


Excerpt when we get all the smoke from fires around us like right now

And super lucky we are not actually in the fire zone
California fires burn whole towns and displaced thousands

We have a fire now that resulted in 28000 people being evacuated at a moments notice in paradise a town 50 miles north of Sacramento

And the whole bay area has unhealthy smoke


This is true. The low humidity feels great on your skin, but has the disadvantage of turning the countryside into a tinderbox. I guess you can’t have everything.


btw… what age will you be able to come back for good?
or only for visiting purposes?


Climate change…

In Taiwan climate change makes for bigger typhoons with more precipitation.


Things have always been this way in California.