Why is medical tourism so hard?

So, I’m going to Taiwan, and I thought I’d get some elective surgery done. I go online, discover the hard way that novasans.com doesn’t support Taiwan, despite what the site leads one to believe, that TFT Medical Travel has some bad scripting on its site and doesn’t work, and that Medical Travel Taiwan never gets back to me. I’m leaving tomorrow the 3rd. What am I missing here?

People tell me I shouldn’t try to do everything myself, I should let professionals make arrangements. What effing professionals? They don’t seem to have their act together.

Sorry about the sad state of our English websites. The best claim to fame Taiwan has in medical tourism is Josef Woodman’s Patients Beyond Borders, Taiwan Edition. If you do not have it, have a look. Hope you have a good experience, the biggest hospitals like NTUH, Chung Kung, Shinkong, etc., do cater to medical tourism, mostly Overseas taiwanese and Mainland Chinese, though. Nevertheless, service is good and prices OKish.

Wanfang Hospital in Taipei is one of those that is quality certified for medical tourism purposes.

I think this guy has never even set foot in Taiwan. He advises women to carry a headscarf at all times because women might be required to wear them. :loco:

Looks like little more than a search-and-replace hack job of his Malaysia edition, with “some Taiwan stuff he Googled” thrown in.

Not sure I’d want to rely on such a shitty book if I was going under the knife.

Well, I had the printed edition but just for checking the hospital info -which hospital offers what- did not check that tourism golden tip of wisdom, headscarf, LOL. No surprises there.

On the issue of the quality of the marketing of “medical travel”, have a look at this piece by Michael Turton:
michaelturton.blogspot.com/2010/ … nswer.html

It looks like a lot of nouveau riche from China really go for the “high class” health exams the hospitals do here. Short travel time and shared language/culture. I can’t see an American retiree on a fixed income flying 18 hours to Taiwan for a knee replacement, though.

I wonder if it’s marketed as international medical service in China. Wouldn’t cross-straits compatriot medical service be more politically correct?

I came to Taipei. Tried again to contact the agencies. Got a half second message on Skype that may have been a fraction of a spoken word, or maybe just a scratching noise.

Called Wanfang Hospital, and was directed to a helpful guy called David. Everyone I had to deal with spoke adequate English. Got my eyelid problem fixed, stitches out yesterday. The whole process took at most two weeks. No difficulties at all. I’m happy.

Only disconcerting detail: the skylight over Wanfang Hospital is filthy. They should wash that thing.

I had read a book on medical tourism saying don’t make arrangements yourself, it’ll take months. Bunk. To be fair, this was a simple thing, local anaesthetic only, but still… the fact is, the agencies were useless, and everything went fine without them.

Glad it worked out!

Did you tell them? They’re quite a reputable hospital, and they may well take care of it if complained about.