Why is nobody talking about the labour protests?


That’s the problem with Taiwan’s labor laws. If the government actively discourages unions or guilds, as they have always done, then the government should go for a hard regulation on rest days, at least the first DPP amendment is acceptable.

If the government actively encourages unions or guilds, then the second DPP amendment isn’t all that bad.

With the first amendment, the correct course of action is to raise the minimum wage so that the workers can now get by without taking overtime if the owner does not wish to pay them at a premium for overtime.

With the second amendment, the correct course of action is to actively encourage unions and guilds by amending the union act. Every worker in the same industry should join the union of that industry and have a penalty for those who refuse to join. Also have a penalty for those industries who hire workers not in the union. Then give union leaders a stake in the company’s decision making.

If they simply make the laws and do nothing to solve the real underlying issues, they are just opening up a world of hurt for the laborers.


This situation is now happening with my wife’s company. Everyone in her office has been working 2 weeks straight no weekends and OT each day. Her boss basically said the new labor laws let him do it… Everyones working OT except her boss who comes in at noon and leaves at 4:00 to play badminton lol, but he sure loves to yell at everyone and tell them all how hard working he is.


The new law isn’t in effect yet. Her boss is breaking the law.


A lot of these pseudo macho dipshit type bosses here


Sounds like it may be time for your wife to find a new job.


he doesn’t care, he has someone clock in and out for them. Im sure he’s breaking many laws and probably has some connections.


She’s thinking about it, but the job pays well for her/Taiwan. She’ll prob stick it out another couple months till after CNY


Maybe I have been here too long, but does it seem to anyone else that the Baby Boomers in Taiwan are the most selfish on the planet? Its an issue everywhere, but the entitlement, greed and selfishness of the older generation here seems to be the root of so many of the societies ills.

They have taken advantage of Confucian values and filial piety to get away with basically enslaving the younger generation.


I’ve come to the same conclusion too. Its painfully obvious now, whereas 15-20 yrs ago it wasn’t.



They say exactly the same thing in Canada, except for the boomers themselves, who have been saying it about Young People Today since they became parents, basically.

But I swear, some of my best friends are boomers! :slight_smile:


You mean your parents?


You’ve got the timeline wrong. But it’s okay – I wouldn’t expect a mere Earthling to understand. :slight_smile: :heart: