Why is Taiwan the best country for expats?

WhY is taiwan is the best for expat to live coz like people from europe,us.,canada,etc.coz they came from a rich countries and aside from that they have a high income/salaries compared to taiwan and they have more social benefit or social net than taiwan

Life isn’t about money. When you learn that you can’t buy your way out of a hole in the ground, you’ll look for other reasons someone might want to live someplace.


No matter how much I love Taiwan, it’s still just #2 for me. Too many 40-year-old teenage English teachers with a superiority complex. I liked the expat crowd in Japan much more.


Mate it’s the same. Lived in Japan for years and met my fair share of bellends there. Some alright ones too but not as many. But if you liked Japan why not stay there ? It’s a much better place than Taiwan in my opinion even with its flaws

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Taiwan is a pretty free place. I feel pain down to the bones when I buy something in Europe with VAT over 20%. I die inside when I want to do something only to find out regulations about regulations on why I can’t, followed by forms to fill out that cost money to buy, tax stamps to purchase to stick on the form, paying the post to delivery it for 30$ when the building I want to send to is next door. And another processing and administration fee on top of that. Now I just have to wait 5 months for that form to get back to me. True story, I waited over 1 year to get my resident ID…my residency period is already over by then.

Socially, it’s relatively conservative. But people don’t get in your face about how you want to live your life. As long as you don’t bother people, no one bothers you.


This is it, exactly.

That, and a cheaper cost of living for close to the same standard, decent healthcare, streets are relatively safe (in relation to violent crime), beautiful nature … I could go on and on really.


I like the people, nature, food, convenience, safety and the bobble tea. If had chosen to stay somewhere based on the expat crowd it would be HK.

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Honestly, Taiwan is the only place where I don’t feel like the government is always trying to screw me over and tax me to death.


Though you are not an expat in Taiwan.


That’s the long-term plan, once I get my PhD I’ll work on getting that permanent residency.

By the way, dropping the “best” superlative, didn’t we already have a topic about what we love in Taiwan?

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Who are you talking to exactly? I have been an expat in Taiwan, previously (for close to a decade). As well, I was in process to becoming one again, until CV stymied my plans (for now).

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To Andrew.

And to the OP to some extent.

The same crowd exists in Japan but in the cities there are far more expats from more places, and they have a wider variety of jobs and it makes it more interesting. I also felt Japan was a more dynamic and rewarding to live than Taiwan, even if more uptight.

Right now it’s the best place, because it’s the safest place to be (in regards to covid-19, at least).

But in general, I’m here because my wife is Taiwanese. I probably wouldn’t have come here otherwise. I’ve been here 4 years. It’s okay, but I definitely want to move back to the west in a few years.

Because it’s the perfect destination for @Jasonong335933 to move to already so we don’t have to put up with his endless and pointless threads on exactly this topic?


The million dollar question

edit: @drewC replied to you here by mistake, sorry.

If you think this poorly of Taiwan, why stay? No choice, right? Are you jealous that people from other recognized countries have more choices? Do you understand the basics of supply and demand?

A pitiful post.

The OP, based on his countless threads, is apparently not in Taiwan.


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I see. The lamentable grammar and usage seemed to indicate a local variety of self-loathing.


I don’t think there is a objectively “best” country. All first world countries have their own strengths and weaknesses. “Best” depends on what you want, how long you are willing to be away from home, your prospects back home and a shit of ton things.
I mean its ridiculously safe and has a vibrant democracy, gorgeous scenery, amazing food, friendly people, world-class healthcare and healthy economy. Why the hell not? Don’t get me wrong I can write about the downsides until the cows come home but its a you win some you lose some situation. If you are looking for heaven on earth you could use some counseling.