Why is there a steady wash of pro-Trump, anti-Democrats propaganda circulating on Taiwanese social media?

I’ve already commented on that argument. It’s frankly alarmist, uninformed and naive. All trade agreements have an arbitration body to settle disputes otherwise members wouldn’t join. The WTO has one and not once in the history of arbitration has a ruling from the WTO ever superceded national law/sovereignty.

Now the TPP - All participating countries are to adhere to the fair labor practices set by the International Labor Organization which ban child labor, slave labor and require a fair wage, and the ability for collective bargaining. There is effectively a greater risk for the incidence of violations of the ILO without a trade bloc that requires compliance for participation. If you consider that undermining sovereignty, then so does the Geneva convention using that logic. Having a vehicle for settling disputes is not only commonplace in international trade but necessary, in light of the fair practices it intends to arbitrate according to the ILO.

The ISDS - this arbitration tribunal has been in its modern form since the 1960s and includes many safety mechanisms to limit over broad interpretation including: using public health and safety and environmental experts in defense, allowing participation of NGOs, and limitations on obligations of rulings. The US has 50 ISDS agreements in place including NAFTA (formerly) and has never lost a case.

The new USMCA is also a party to ISDS. So it’s common place. If you criticize the TPP, you should apply that same criticism to the USMCA.

Have you been living under a rock?


New light.


I saw this.

I wouldn’t trust anything he says as the unbiased 100% truth at this point. It’s clear his intent is to get back at Trump at this point. Not saying it’s all lies, but it’s not the best source of information.

Try adding some substance next time. Now go back to the survey showing the majority of Taiwanese feel a forced unification is inevitable and one of the major reasons for that is Trump’s inconsistent policy with China. Im sorry you don’t like data, but you can’t deny it.

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Percentage of people concerned about forced reunification due to Trump is far less than the baseline from the poll you posted. In fact, the only group who was more concern…is from the KMT…so that should tell you something. Must suck for those sellouts to China to watch the opposition president make historic trips to the US taking selfies at NASA.

I think that just reflects how uninformed about US politics most Taiwanese people are.

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Bolton and people like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are reliable friends of Taiwan, more so than Trump.

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A majority of DPP are concerned about Trumps policies leading to forced reunification. They are not concerned about Tsai’s policies. So if they are more concerned about the President of the US than their own president therein proves my point that they have not benefited.

Claiming that a call to Tsai is somehow a coherent and consistent policy is laughable. Results are what matter and right now the Taiwanese are less safe than they were four years ago. :microphone:

We might get lost in the weeds here, needless to say concerns of Washington pandering to corporations (Wall st) are indeed very valid and stretch back a long way. We might even look to how Washington is structured, funded and how legislation is brought around, because it all favors Wall St. We might even get into the intellectual property rights and yadda yadda yadda.

But that would be to miss the central component of what we are talking about, back in July 2015 TheConservativeTreeHouse was the first conservative group to fully back Trump. The central reason was his economic focus was on main st, not wall st. It was with that understanding that all economic manoeuvres and counter moves have been viewed.

It’s completely different to how Washington has operated for decades and threw a spanner into the think tanks who draw up legislation because none of them are/were geared up for a Donald Trump economic approach, it’s also the central reason why Washington hates him. Trillion are at stake.

But that is the starting point when discussing Trump and economics, I’ll link you back to the 2015 post by the CTH. If this is the first time you have heard the economic battle as Wall St vs Main St, you might like to take some to to review, because I know the MSM avoids framing the discussion in such a way. That is the starting line for any such discussion.

Don’t trust Bolton. Don’t trust John Kelly. Don’t trust Tillerson. Don’t trust his own lawyer. Don’t trust Sondland.

At this point, we all know it doesn’t matter who says it…

That is significantly less than the baseline of over 80%. They’re not concerned about Tsai because Tsai is very clear on status quo.

Who is claiming this? Don’t straw man my position. I was making a point that the phone call was pretty damn historic. It’s been decades since the two heads of states communicated directly. Come on now.

Keep your mic. You just look like a douche fool with this mic drop line lol


There are literally hundreds of posts on Forumosa about this. There’s even a dedicated thread–“The Return of Taishang.”

75% of China’s IT exports are executed by Taiwanese companies. They relocated home because of the trade war.

That is why Taiwan and Vietnam are the biggest beneficiaries of the trade war.

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Don’t get so defensive it’s not very becoming. You mentioned selfies at NASA. I laughed. Between that and a phone call that is not a policy. Yes great Tsai came to the US but Trump is endangering the region with his incoherent and reckless behavior with China and N Korea. That is not good for Taiwan sorry. Real results matter more than selfies.

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It’s TPP or bust apparently. Taiwan of course have been hurt but the trade war as well, but in many ways it also benefited greatly.

Sorry to break it to you but production was already moving.

TPP would be wonderful.

Free trade our bust. Let’s get out of the 1930s and stop forcing consumers and companies to take the hit.