Why is there a steady wash of pro-Trump, anti-Democrats propaganda circulating on Taiwanese social media?

I didn’t say it was. And you were supposed to laugh at the selfies, it was meant as light hearted…idk how you came to the conclusion that’s a foreign policy.

Have a normal conversation instead of dumb ass mic drop lines

Since Bernie and Hillary were both against the TPP, you lose nothing with Trump on that issue.

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You are behind a few posts. Who owns many of those factories in China? Yes they move production to Taiwan and Vietnam because they have to but they are still losing money. Now here’s a novel idea. How about we don’t tax them and instead make it tax free to move! Revolutionary idea I know.

From the other angle.

Taiwanese companies in China that manufacture telecommunications devices and computers are likely to be hit hard in the escalating trade war between the United States and China, as such products are the prime targets of the U.S.’ latest wave of proposed tariffs, a leading technology research and development institute in Taiwan said Tuesday (May 14).

TPP and free trade would be great if China played fair with the rest of the world. But this is not the case. It’s absolutely BS every country allows their firms to do what China does not let foreign firms.

She flipped for the Bernie bros. A mistake IMO. I called it out then too…most people don’t even understand what the TPP is.

Never flipped, it was a head fake, perhaps to win over the Bernie Bros, but she would have beefed it up and claimed it didn’t go far enough.

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My point remains. You lose nothing with Trump because everybody else is stupid too.

I agree their practices are BS. But the whole genius of free trade is to give all of our allies free trade and cut out China making them irrelevant. You really want to contain them? Don’t yell and make threats. Be smart about it. Look what they did to us in Africa. This was already an economic cold war.

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Trump’s trade has made my professional life hell. Uncertainty is the killer of business. As much as I want to move everything cant do it over night, and had already been moving out before the trade war. I didn’t need a tariff to motivate me.

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I read through this and the one glaring point I see is how do you reconcile his only principle legislative achievement of tax cuts being main street, not Wall Street. That is classic trickle down, or in other words benefiting Wall St. not Main St.

I also found the claim that Wall St. and Republicans support Obamacare. One of the biggest issues with the ACA for the industry was the requirement to cover pre-existing conditions. That in itself puts a lot of onus and financial burden on insurance companies. But its great for Main St.

Sorry to hear that. It’s hurt a lot of farmers here in the US as well.

Well on that one we would need to deal with the claim that only rich corporations benefited and the middle class didn’t, that was/is the MSM narrative, but I saw plenty of examples of average working people posting they were better off. That’s a whole argument in and of itself, but sure without looking into the details from what I saw corporations would have benefited.

But the entire concept of putting corporations (Wall St) over Main St is to buy into trickle down economics. Which is where most western governments have been for decades, indeed as I pointed out it was a feature and not a flaw of the Washington machine.

The TPP as proposed was absolutely terrible; mostly delivering benefits to corporations at the expense of workers and the environment. After America dropped out, it was substantially improved in these regards, but still not good enough.
Needless to say, environmental concerns were not part of the U.S’s problems with the agreement, nor worker protections in Asia (though it may have been a fig-leaf for Hillary). Bernie objected to ‘selling out’ American workers, and Trump used this as a faux-populist cover for his dislike of multilateral agreements.

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Yeah I don’t agree. I posted previously about the ILO as a requirement for membership. Trade deals have benefitted workers in that regard. There is a greater likelihood for worker abuses outside of trade deals. And let’s be clear… production nowadays is not what it used to be. Strict social compliance through industry standard audits are the norm.

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You are capable of achieving enlightenment.

Add Lenovo in there and DJI.

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Bolton will visit Taiwan.

Bolton said he looked forward to meeting President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文)

Bolton is a caveman who it seems doesn’t have the ability to think about how to solve problems in any other fashion than brute force.

If Washington diplomatically recognizes Taipei, he remarked, other countries will follow suit. This type of bold move will demonstrate strong leadership, which is very important to the U.S., Bolton said.

So what’s Bolton actually saying? That the US should move away from it’s current stance on Taiwan and China and no longer state it believes in the one China principle? Which would necessitate Taiwan getting rid of it’s constitution which states it is not only a part of China they are the rightful rulers of all China, Taiwan and Mongolia.

Since his latest stink between himself and the Trump administration it’s a safe bet to say he’s not going to be acting on behalf of the Trump administration to foster better relations. Up until recently he was a is a former senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) , who seem to have an interest in this part of the world, perhaps he is planning to rejoin with them and is planning to act on their behalf, scrounging money for think tanks.

Actually, the ROC constitution doesn’t specify what its actually territory should be. All it says is it has the “traditional territories” without specifying how traditional (what time period) and which actual territories.


and since the National Assembly has been abolished and its powers transferred to the Legislative Yuan and Referendums,


So you can in fact say the current “traditional” territories of the ROC is Kinmen, Mazu, Penghu, Taiwan and their adjacent islands.


Well even then, the USA and the Taiwan relations act doesn’t recognize Kinmen, Mazu and a bunch of lesser isles as being part of the ROC. Only Taiwan island proper and Penghu.

But thanks for the link, I had always thought Taiwan claimed all of China in its constitution.