Why is there a steady wash of pro-Trump, anti-Democrats propaganda circulating on Taiwanese social media?

The democrats seem like tge type that would eventually be in the CCPs pocket. I think most countries feel similar.

I am very anti trump, but if.i were a US citizen I just couldnt vote democrat this time. they fucked it up way too hard…when Taiwan was gifted a mobile retard called korean fish, the more left gov took advantage and won greatly. When the US was gifted a mobile retard, the left leaning gov dropped the ball in many ways and might actually give Trump a pretty good chance of a second term.

It makes total sense why Taiwan would want trump over biden…all summed up in 3 letters. CCP


I’ve been seeing posts claiming that everyday since January.

From one of the facebook posts I listed above:


They are claiming that as the Secretary of State, Hillary looked into how to cancel US debt to China by selling out Taiwan interests, and they claim this information is acquired through Hillary’s hacked e-mails and implied Hillary suggested to stop weapon sales to Taiwan to get China to drop US debt.

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I think the U.S. could have recognized China without throwing Taiwan under the bus. Of course, they saw the Soviet Union as the bigger threat at the time, so the little guy lost out. Carter deserves blame too for ending the U.S. mutual defense treaty with Taiwan.


My experience is that at least some of it is coming from anti-SJW mindsets. (I have no idea how much this accounts for in the overall Taiwanese mindset, but I’ve seen it personally with a few different younger Taiwanese.) Given that (a) Taiwan in general doesn’t have a nuanced understanding of American identity/race politics and (b) news (especially social media) likes to focus on the ‘fringe’ cases (“I sexually identify as an attack helicopter”) as opposed to the more sensible opinions, it becomes very easy to say ‘haha SJWs/democrats/snowflakes are so dumb, Trump is telling it like it is’ from halfway across the world, with no repercussions.
(I personally think this is tied with underlying Taiwanese racism, like Indians/SE Asians/dark skin in general is dirty, unattractive, dangerous. But, I don’t think this thread is the place to dive deep into the racism conversation.)


Ok, that would make a lot of sense if this kind of propaganda can only be found on right wing groups. However, most pro-DPP groups are left in ideology and there’s no lack of such articles in those communities either.

For example

People News is very left and pro-labor, in favor of equality, yet they have this whole piece on how Clinton and Hillary sold out to Russia and China.

Maybe I’m not familiar enough with Taiwan politics, but I know of one or two DPP supporters who are still anti- US SJW. ‘Progressive’ in Taiwan seems different than in the US.

But yeah, based on your links seems like what I’m describing is different from the rabid anti-Hillary rhetoric. Wack

I think they’re clear-eyed about which political party being in office is better for Taiwan’s interests. The Taiwan Travel Act and the Taipei Act, two pieces of strong pro-Taiwan legislation were signed into law by President Trump. What have the Democrats done for Taiwan lately?


This is true. The more pro independence they are the more likely they are to support US RW presidents. Its a weird irony and one they don’t always get the irony of when you discuss it with them.

Kept Taiwan safter than the present adminstration, start there.

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This makes no sense. The huge Chinese military build-up in the Spratly Islands happened during the Obama administration. The Taiwan missile crisis happened during the Clinton administration. You shouldn’t let your ideology cloud your understanding of this issue at least. Honest pro-Taiwan Democrats will admit that the Republicans have been consistently better in standing up to China and looking out for Taiwan’s interests.


From what I can gather, there is someone called Paul V. Kane, who used to be a fellow of Harvard’s International Security Program who wrote an e-mail to many arguing for the case to end weapons sale to Taiwan. That’s the evidence they are using but claiming that it was Hillary instead.

The Senate Taiwan Caucus was founded equally by Republicans and Democrats. It’s current members are also bi-partisan.

The thing about Democratic presidents and Taiwan is that everytime they are in office Taiwan tends to elect a KMT president. Obama wanted to sell weapons to Taiwan, but Ma resisted for the most part.

Most of the recent bills that you mentioned were passed almost unanimously, so it’s hard to say it’s just the Republicans making it happen.

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Both sides were very luke-warm about those weapon sales.

The Taiwan Travel Act and Taipei Act were both sponsored by Republicans and signed into law by Trump. Again, what have the Democrats done for Taiwan lately?


I don’t have an ideology. I know that Republicans like to tell themselves they’re better for Taiwan but most of what i see out of TW’s advisors is pie in the sky Top Gun Reagan era rah ran and misguided support for Trumps trade war, etc. And a lot of lingering Obama sour grapes.

Then why would you say Taiwan was kept safer by the Democrats?

Instead of progressive gobbledygook, maybe you can say what issues you have with the recent Republican-sponsored pro-Taiwan legislation?


Empirical observation and common sense.

I’m frankly tired of hearing things like ‘progressive gobbledygood’ because its disrespectful of ideas and kills conversations. its rude. I could easily tell you because only a moron would trust anything Reagan or after era on conservatives say, and be right. But im indulging this flawed worldview out of respect to you ideas so please cut it out with that.

Why do i think so, because i lived in Taiwan for both admins, and only under trumps did i ever hear the locals say they geniuinely were afraid of a threat of invasion. I read forumosa thats why i think that.

Can you talk aboout a single idea without applying a dogmagtic aporiri label to ideas or calling a name? yet to see it once.

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So is “pie in the sky Top Gun Reagan era rah.” Pot kettle…

I read their sites and I’ve read the hogwash from Trump’s advisors, they’re in ideological straight jackets. Decades of medicore failed predictions in the national review, egging on a dumb war with China nobody needs.

They have corny ass giant banners with bald eagles and f-16s and they have some cold war era relic fantasies of militarily engaging and destroying the Chinese that to me sound like a pipe dream concocted in DC think tanks.

John Tkacik, a diplomat at the AIT, runs pieces glorifying Republican support for “Taiwan” in the 50s in the Taipei Times. What the editors there don’t seem to understand is that the Republicans and the China Lobby were not supporting “Taiwan”; they were supporting the CKS dictatorship because it opposed the Chicoms. They smeared any support for democracy, civil rights, or Taidu as Communist-inspired and were absolutely against it.
Of course, Kennedy and Johnson were just as bad, both from conviction and to protect themselves from attacks from the right- resulting in the saying “Only Nixon could go to China”, as featured in Star Trek VI. (Can you imagine the hysterics if Obama had pandered so much to Kim Jong-un?)

Funny to see old-time supporters of “Free China” apparently forgetting that the KMT used to be anti-Red China, not its biggest supporters.

Yes, Jimmy Carter switched recognition to the mainland, acknowledging that e.g. Taipei did not rule Gansu, but he was the first U.S. president to pressure the KMT on human rights.