Why isn't Chiu Yi in jail (instead of on TV every night)?

Anyone else catch his little martial arts demonstration on Xiao S’s show tonight? He nearly kicked her in the head (not that I would have minded). I was amused to learn that he quit his college teaching job in Pingtung because it didn’t pay well enough, opened a buxiban, and that’s how he got rich. I didn’t see the whole show, but from what I did see the toughest questions the hosts asked him were “Would you go out with Chen Chu? How about Annette Lu?” Taiwan media-politics at its most banal.

Supposedly the video is here, though I can’t get it to load:


[quote=“govt-attache”]Yes - isn’t it absolutely outrageous how these legislators are immune from prosecution. I wonder where they go that brilliant idea from?

The U.S. would you believe. Being used to a British legal system, I am always intrigued by my first experience of living under a U.S.-based legal system (upon which Taiwan is largely based), and assumed all you Amercians already new about legislator immunity.[/quote]

Sorry attache, the legal system of the ROC is not US-based. It’s actually very heavily based on German law.

:slight_smile: I agree with that! Maybe more than a third in my opinion. What else can explain their flippy-floppy attitudes when it comes to defending democracy and their island which may or may not be a country. I’ve never heard tell of a place under military threat that would politically support a party that doesn’t want to spend money bolstering defenses. But that’s what we see in Taiwan. People actually seem to think Ma Ying-jou (sp?) will save their way of life somehow with his good looks. Who needs subs and airplanes when you can have a hero?

About Chou-Yi… I agree it is ridiculous that journalists entertain his sideshow day after day when he is a convicted felon. What was he convicted of, just inciting a riot? I think it should be attempted manslaughter. And, (I ask this for the umpteenth time) does anybody know what happened with the driver of the truck that those scum were ramming the police barricade with? Was he charged or convicted. I see him as more guilty than even Chou-yi.

I like the earlier question about whether or not Chou will have to do time after he retires as a legislator. Can anyone answer that one?

Maybe there should be a citizen movement to get rid of legislator immunity. It seems the politicians themselves aren’t ever going to get around to amending this. Would that require constitutional change?

Now the guy is a national hero in China, it seems. Too bad they don’t let him stay there talking about Hu’s family biz… guess he would get a nice treatment over there, wouldn’t he?

Anyway, I guess that whoever is giving information to him knows that he has no fear of being persecuted, as his back is protected by the “pan-purple” camp.

P.S. the purple is a more suitable color for the pro-China camp, isn’t it…

[quote=“mr_boogie”]Now the guy is a national hero in China, it seems. Too bad they don’t let him stay there talking about Hu’s family biz… guess he would get a nice treatment over there, wouldn’t he?

Anyway, I guess that whoever is giving information to him knows that he has no fear of being persecuted, as his back is protected by the “pan-purple” camp.

P.S. the purple is a more suitable color for the pro-China camp, isn’t it…[/quote]

Yes, the evil Chou Yi, the evil Chinese government, the evil Hu, the eveil pan-blue/purple, the evil pro-China people.

Right, but they’re not about to let him get away with free speech over there…


[quote]Chiu’s `rights’ speech canceled

NO THANKS: Chinese Nationalist Party Legislator Chiu Yi, who has made a name for himself by exposing scandals, was barred from talking on freedom of speech in China

Although the scandal involving alleged insider-trading by the president’s son-in-law Chao Chien-ming (趙建銘) made headlines on China’s state-run CCTV station last week, the legislator who first blew the whistle on the case was last night prohibited from giving a speech on the matter at Peking University.

Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Legislator Chiu Yi (邱毅), who was scheduled to deliver a speech at Peking University last night, informed the press yesterday that the university had cancelled his speech at around 12:30am on Saturday.

“I believe [the reason for the cancellation] was the subject that I wanted to address – freedom of speech – which is what made it possible for the recent scandals to come to light,” Chiu said…[/quote]

[quote]Chiu said that he attributed his successes in exposing the scandals to the nation’s freedom of speech, and wanted to make this the main theme of his speech in China.

“Without freedom of speech, I wouldn’t be who I am today and it is unlikely [that the scandals would have been made public], even if there were 10 Chiu Yis,” Chiu sai"I wanted to use the speech to teach the Chinese public how to fight corruption, as corruption is also a serious problem in China," Chiu said.

“Although A-bian [Chen] might hate me, he wouldn’t go so far as to use the power of the state apparatus to suppress my freedom of speech,” he said.[/quote]

A pan-Blue politician who actually praises Taiwan’s freedom instead of trashing democracy and kissing every ass in the CCP!
Must have given a blast to those fraudulent lao ye-ye like Lien Chan and Jimmy Soong.

Can you imagine a PLA soldier taking out Chiu Yi toupée? That would be headlines all over the world… :laughing:

But it is amazing that he even thought about it isn’t it - that doesn’t really add anything in favour to him.
The fact that he was going to China to give a speech about freedom of speech is of an amazing lack of sense and could destroy all the good relationship between KMT and CCP. (Now, I can say, this guy is not purple at all)… It takes the same amount of guts and stupidity to do something like that.

The speech would be something like: “When you see corruption, make a press conference with all the news channels and tell them of any proof you have of corruption (even if it is as bogus as one can imagine). If the governor of the town is profiting from black gold, you should expose it, in national tv, so everyone can see you…”

Well, at least the guy tries. Unfortunately, he probably won’t be invited back anytime soon. But, heck, he is too busy exposing other corruptions anyway.

What I want to know is how does he get his information? He has been pretty prophetic recently.

taipeitimes.com/News/taiwan/ … 2003310917

I especially like the fact he just announced the First Lady and Son have bought into the California based Ranch 99 supermarket chain.

Well, it seems now that all the the first lady family does it is for her…
Anyway, I’m still waiting to see where all his prophecies will end - because we don’t see much development on many of the cases he told - and I would make him go to prison if even one was false :laughing:

I think Qiu over-stated his importance, and under-estimated politics amongst mainland universities/cities. The issue wasn’t whether he’d be allowed to speak, but rather where he’d be allowed to speak. Lien Chan spoke at Beida; Soong at Qinghua; the New Party guy at People’s… major universities in other cities are obviously hoping for a political figure of their own.

Reportedly, Qiu was offered a chance to speak at Fudan (in Shanghai) or Zhongshan (in Guangzhou)… both prestigious institutions in their own right. He chose to pass. I think he’ll be back sooner or later.

The pig-in-a-wig was just sentenced to one and a half years for the driving a truck into a police line incident. He is appealing, still claiming some kind of self-rightous innocence. Gawd, what a loathsome character he is. And, of course, no mention of the truck’s driver on the news reports.

nobody talks about it because he is from KMT, for god sake… why are we still doing wishful thinking as in the media here is good for something?

I was overjoyed to see this on TV tonight. Finally, the sane fight back.


Chou-yi isn’t the first of his breed. A person sent me this link to an intersting old story in TT.

[quote]Lin Ruey-tu: a career made of accusations
WAR OF WORDS: The self-proclaimed `scandal-buster’ has gained fame for making headline-grabbing accusations that he often seems unable to back up
By Irene Lin
Monday, Mar 06, 2000,Page 2

Lin Reuy-tu

Political observers in Taiwan and abroad have identified several peculiar aspects of Taiwan’s political culture since the rise of democracy in here. Among such peculiarities, one thing that stands out is the ability of certain politicians to remain popular despite having utterly lost their credibility with the media and much of the population.

Among such figures, Lin Ruey-tu (林瑞圖), a former DPP Taipei City Councilor and now an independent lawmaker, stands out, especially when his past record is taken into consideration.

“It’s sad that Taiwan has such irresponsible politicians,” said Lo Wen-chia (羅文嘉), a close aide to DPP presidential candidate Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁), responding to Lin’s recent accusations against Chen and himself.

“I don’t even want to say his name,” responded one lawmaker, when asked to comment on Lin’s behavior. “This man has neither integrity nor dignity.”

Such responses are typical of people who feel Lin – a self-proclaimed “scandal buster” – doesn’t take responsibility for his own words. The harsh response is typical of Chen supporters, who have been the primary target of Lin’s assaults since 1997.

I wonder if he’s buddies with Chou-Yi.

The video I put on YouTube actually picked up a very fast comment. I believe it was, “shut the fuck up you worthless DPP.” Made me smile.

Now Chou-Yi really does have egg on his face. Apparently he admitted last night his “information” on the SOGO coupons was wrong.

It seams that the prime witness “made up” the story just because she was pissed off with someone. Or, because she is now buddy buddy with the first lady and wants to protect her friend. Or because Chou Yi couldn’t find any more evidence of the scandalous sell/use/whatever-he-will-say-next and started to panic. The media actually made something correct by putting some info out (like the sell with 10% discount to a incredibly rich woman, which is a bad sell, because you can easily find them on yahoo bid or through friends with more discount after LNY), or whatever.

Anyway, we are currently waiting for new developments on this story, so back to you Jack…

Uh, what? Do you guys have links to these stories?

All I’m seeing in the Chinese press about Chiu Yi are questions about who “deep throat” on this issue happens to be. Apparently someone that the press had suggested was Chiu Yi’s source isn’t his source.

I’ve also continued to see all sorts of media/rumor debate about who/what the “rich wives” have admitted as far as the SOGO case goes. I just haven’t seen any direct contradiction of Chiu Yi’s allegations.

I just saw on the tv, and wife-translated info. All the english media seems to be absent on this, as they focus more on the new accusations than on rebating the old ones.

Anyway, let us not forget that the media treats cases very diferently, and even the information that is leaked is almost 100% about the green camp corruption. Needless to say, there is almost no leaked information about the corruption cases on the blue side. PFP Soong sayd that all the information is leaked by officers dissatisfied with Chen, but the government should be keeping all these “deep throats” in order (and when I say government I don’t say the DPP one, I say all forms of government, including the judicial one). Without secret of justice, basically everyone knows what is going on, and defendents can easily destroy and defend them selves from all the evidence. That is why it is so dificult to get something done here. Although Chao is detained, by example, no formal accusation has been made until now, and it has allready been 1 month since. Although everyone allready puted him in a pole and burned him to death, the single fact that there is no formal accusation remains a stain in the media coverage.

And wasn’t in the first part that the first lady bought millions in Sogo with the coupons, then she sold millions worth of Sogo coupons? If all the allegations are true, then a room in the first house will be full of them, no?

I think you can find some information on the Liberty Times, as I can see something because of SOGO on todays frontpage. Also, today, Chiu Yi told in his daily press conference, that CSB had control over both the Liberty Times and Formosa TV, and because of that their journalists where trying to break down his story.

Formosa TV also put out information that the witness on the Coupon case is living in the Grand Hyatt Hotel.