Why isn't Chiu Yi in jail (instead of on TV every night)?

Here’s the most recent Liberty Times article, which I do check into when I want to hear both sides of the story:

libertytimes.com.tw/2006/new … day-t1.htm

It’s not really shedding much light. The first half of the article is based on quotes from a single individual, Mr. Su, who is described as a “writer and informed journalist currently travelling in Australia”. Mr. Su claims that the accusations aimed at the first lady (from someone the Taiwanese press is now calling “deep throat”) are coming from an Australian-based business-woman who made the accusations for purposes of revenge. He claims this woman has been trying for months to get this story out there, and further claim that her friends/family think she’s crazy. Mr. Su claims that at least 12 friends of this woman are willing to confirm that she’s “deep throat”.

Basically, he’s the unelected version of Chiu Yi.

The second half of the article has a quote from a Taipei investigative officer saying that, contrary to Chiu Yi’s claims, there have not been any interviews with these ladies with his office, and there are no confessions yet from any of the wives involved.

I can’t get into specifics with the investigator’s rank is, because I have no clue how legal jurisdication is divided/shared in Taiwan… I know nothing about its legal system in general, so I don’t know what this guy’s title really means.

The things I recently posted on Chou-yi’s recent TV bowel movements are mere paraphrases of what my girlfriend tells me she saw. The Chinese is too fast for me.

The latest… a guest on the talk show that Chou regulars on confronted both Chou and the host yesterday over the accusation that CSB’s wife bought an American supermarket chain. When asked how they could get their facts so wrong, the host replied that he wasn’t working on the show that day so it wasn’t his fault (never mind that it’s his show). And Chou simply said something along the lines of ‘whatever.’ And did they have any apology for making false claims, the guest wanted to know. Of course not. Why apologize when you know you are on the right side?

These scum basically invent the news.

Now there is a bit of a movement to “recall” Chou-yi. Now that’s a good idea. If CSB manages to rewrite the constitution, I sure hope he gets rid of that stupid legislative immunity. Few things would help Taiwan more.

Won’t you just love Taiwan?

You say what you want, accuse someone of being corrupt, and then, as the accusation is proved wrong, you just say, “Oh sorry, think I made a mistake reading the big billboard I made myself, and where it was written that there was signs of the corruption, but I jumped a little bit too far when I said that there was corruption there.”

If I was CSB, I would call the guy into my office, and make him beg for mercy…

And now the DPP wants to recall Chiu, which is a positive move, although the KMT already said that they would also recall Huang, so, I think that by October, everybody will allready be recalled, no government is functioning (like it is now) and there will be riots and civil war on the streets of Taiwan.

you mean progress?.. fantastic, let’s hope you’re right… :slight_smile: