Why isn't the La. National Guard rebuilding New Orleans?

I heard a guy from New Orleans ask that question a couple of weeks ago on NPR. I looked up the La. National Guard, and learned that the La. NG previously engaged in a six month engineering rebuilding exercise in Honduras.

I mean everyone knows the NG assists in the immediate aftermath of natural disasters, but this exercise in Honduras was six months long, so there is precedent here for serious reconstruction efforts. Also, how many times have we heard about reconstruction successes in Iraq with soldiers rebuilding schools, hospitals, roads, etc.? Sure most of that is being completed by private companies, but apparently soldiers are doing some of the work. I don’t see why soldiers can’t rebuild New Orleans (and perhaps other affected Gulf areas).

So what do you folks think?

Isn’t Honduras part of the mighty “coalition of the willing”? Perhaps all that free help given to them is in exchange for the 20 troops and a truck Honduras sent to Iraq?