Why it is BETTER to be born Snake 蛇 than Dragon 龍

This topic will be serious for some people, and a joke for others.

Everyone knows about the rush to have a “lucky” baby, born in the year of the Dragon.

Well… what about all the kids born after the dotted line, in the year of the Snake?

Has anyone come up with some reasons as to why it is BETTER to be born a snake than a dragon?

(This is a sort of casual creative challenge that could really have some practical use in daily life… especially for parents in Taiwan!)

As of this moment, my first suggestion is:

Snakes have the advantage, because dragon (龍) has 16 brush-strokes, while snake (蛇) has only 11… or just 3 in its other form (巳) so the child will grow up saving 30 seconds every time they write out their birth-year… that will add up to hundreds of hours during their lifetime, right?

All the kids got locked up in a dungeon and the snake got its head chooped off by Longbottom, so I think the East and West agrees that it’s better not to be a Slytherin.

Snake could be a cooler code-name than Dragon. Apparently Dragon kids in China and Taiwan have it difficult, as everyone wants a Dragon, so classes tend to be more packed, which could mean less time with teachers. Snakes might be good at learning snake style kung fu, if they get into Hogwarts, they may find it easier getting into Slitheryn. (A combination of serious and less serious answers).

Because being dragon is too mainstream. Obvs.

On a semi-unrelated note, I feel more and more like an ox every day, and my girlfriend has always been rather tiger like. Maybe there is something to Chinese astrology.


Has anyone come up with some reasons as to why it is BETTER to be born a snake than a dragon?


In my class there are two guys, one born in the year of Snake, the other in the year of Dragon. Both sleep through the classes, both are doing drugs (and boasting to their friends about it), they don’t seem to present many differences. But I feel for their parents, paying college to these 2 losers that don’t want to be there.

bad things about having a kid in the year of dragon (also the tail of rabbit and the head of snake) in Taiwan:

it will be tougher for the mom to secure a bed at the hospital, cause hospitals will be swamped.
kid will have to share a teacher with more classmates.
kid will face tougher competitions at school.
kid will face tougher competitions to get into better colleges.
kid will face tougher competitions to get a first job as a new graduate.
kid will either hate you for being a superstitious 21st century idiot or,
kid will buy in to the whole concept and be forced to have his/her kid either at 24 or be forced to wait till 36.
kid will get jealous at people who can actually eat their Chinese astrology sign. Beef, yum! Pork, yum! Rabbits, yum! Rats, yum!

You’re not thinking about this in terms of “school-yard logic”.

What kids will really be debating is (e.g.),
“Snakes have venom, and dragons just fly around. So snakes are cooler than dragons.”

Snakes are silent, whereas dragons are noisy, etc. etc.

These are the pressing issues of our times, folks. :wink: