Why many local girls are active, hot and sexy, and guys are shy?

___If you go to a local bar, or any other public place, you may notice that many girls are much more open-minded, easygoing, and confident than guys. It feels that girls enjoy taking initiative, comparing to boys. Why is that?

I’m not sure I agree with you, although I know what you describe is definitely the stereotype.

One of the things I love about Taiwan is that if I go to a bar on my own any night of the week, it’s very likely that somebody will make conversation with me and I’ll have a fun night out with that person or group of people. Nine times out of 10, it will be a guy who approaches me, although there might be a girl or two in his group. Maybe it’s just me, but it’s very rare for a girl or a group of girls to instigate conversation with me at a bar. They expect the man to do the instigating.

That said, I feel like it would be a bit weird if I went up to a group of guys sitting in a bar and introduced myself to them. For one thing, I think it’s just more likely that a group of girls would speak English and be comfortable speaking English than a group of guys. So I’m not sure it’s a fair comparison.

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They’ve seen the girls without make up.


I’m wondering if it’s because girls don’t have the same amount of pressure that guys have.

Guys have to go to college, earn lots of money, and so are micromanaged to hell by their parents. Perhaps the girls aren’t micromanaged to the same extent…

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Because thats what is expected of them. In taiwan girls are told to be active hot and sexy so that they can be a cut above the rest and attract the best male and by best means good looking hot and rich. Besides No matter how many girls in taiwan tells you they have less freedom than men, thats partially true only. Girls arent expected to earn a lot, buy a house, buy a car, take care of parents as much compared to men, So the money a girl earns, she spend most on herself only so she can spend all of that on hobbies,interests and ofcourse looking good

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@tommy525 you are needed

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@the_bear happy birthday


Lol well my experience is 20 years dated
I think the stereotype must be new
Because back in my day the guys broke the ice and approached the girls

However girls who are older than the guy often approached the guys though

Taiwan is Cougar country

I do suspect that perhaps a good number of dudes may be micromanaged but not so much in my day because we were incorrigible ‘bad boys’

I know I was

We rode horses to find horses is the mandarin expression

is that like getting a job to find a good job?

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I thought it was 騎驢找馬


I thought it was 紅馬… oh wait, that’s something completely different.

perhaps the guys just don’t want to go out with you?


They carry ‘Haru, steamy condoms’? And boys don’t.

Nowdays, I see girls take care of parents better than most men, see more men take advantage than take care


could be very true haha! I think both males and females in Taiwan are more shy than most Westerners here. Most people here are male and have experiences with females more then men, and we few few females post here so that is why it may seem females are more active


Maybe the girls work there ? Just sayin

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Burning loins.