Why needs to have a gf?

I am very curious about why some foreign guys in taiwan need gfs if they know they won’t be truly faithful to the gfs…
I have a living sample that my friend (a Chinese girl) got a foreigner bf;however,he still fools around with other girls but so much insists on her being his real gf after she started being suspicious about that…
But why??? Don’t they know it’s gonna to be tough or even bothering to have a gf if they want to be with other girls?? Then it’s pretty obvious that deception will appear afterwards…
I also read some comments from other discussion areas about how some male foreigners cheat on their gfs but still want to have a gf… Seems like besides having fun outside, they feel like being stable emotionally if they can’t get mental support …
So…can anybody tell me why exactly??

They are a holes. Case closed. Also, it’s the same thing with soldiers and prostitutes. Why is it so important that soldiers have access to prostitutes? I always say your best friend is your right hand (man).

Originally posted by winnie: But why??? Don't they know it's gonna to be tough or even bothering to have a gf if they want to be with other girls?? ...how some male foreigners cheat on their gfs but still want to have a gf... Seems like besides having fun outside, they feel like being stable emotionally if they can't get mental support ....So.....can anybody tell me why exactly??

Could be a difference in dating habits. In many Western countries, it is a norm to date more than one person at once. However, once you’ve reached the bf/gf stage, then you’re suppose to be seeing no one else. In general, the Taiwanese skips the dating and go right into bf/gf.

The key is to talk to the other person. If he/she wants to see other people, then you could also do that. Once the mutual consent of exclusivity has been reached, then all the “extra-curricular activities” are suppose to stop.

I guess these language and culture barriers have caused some misunderstandings.

I agree with Winnie. All Taiwanese girls should be forced to watch at least 10 episodes of “Sex in the City” before being allowed to date a foreign guy. That way she’ll figure out that it’s far more fun for chicks to screw around than hang onto a loser for eternity.

Being in the army is not totally as same as the situation i was talking here… It’s not like guys in that kind of environment where no girls are around…
I totally agree with Monkey’s comment…actually i am a big fan of that show!!! it’s just that foreigner guy kept telling her how stable he wanted to be emotionally…he even said he would dump her if she cheated on him… i guess that guy is just a conman…
There are many examples like that, which i believe so much… Chinese girls love their foreigner bfs so much that they choose to ignore their “extra-curricular” activities or they enjoy that… anyway…
Those bad examples do have a bad impresstion on how we see foreigners…

Maybe we can just have a bulletin board where lists some conmen or nice people we’ve met…

A Taiwanese woman friend told me recently that every married man she knows cheats on his wife. Everyone, including her own two brothers. And from conversations I’ve had with male Taiwanese friends it seems she was not exaggerating. This is not to justify the, as V said, A hole behavior of your friend’s boyfriend, but that cheating is universal, and may even be more prevalent in your culture than in mine. Ever hear the slogan “One country, two wives”? Maybe Taiwanese boyfriends are faithful when they are dating, but once they are married it’s off to the mainland for the mistress in Shanghai.

Seriously Winnie your comments smack of ignorence matched with prejudice. Taiwanese compaining about foreigners’lack of sexual scruples? Give me a break. As we say in English, that’s like the pot calling the kettle black.

C’mon Urbanjet! It is the NORM in many Western countries for people to date two people at the same time? Are you sure it isn’t Mars you are talking about?
And as for you, Winnie, sorry your Foreign Prince Charming broke your heart, but don’t be such a victim. It is time to be a big girl and put your fairy tales away. And don’t be so ridiculous! Only foreign guys cheat on their woman? You’ve obviously never seen a Taiwanese man/woman computer chatroom or BBS.
Hey, I have an idea-why don’t you date people because of their minds, not whether they can give you free English lessons or a Western passport or a nice, big, hairy foreign dingdong (no matter how fun and exotic). Why are your friends trying to snag foreign men, who represent less than 1 percent of this island’s male population? I find it hard to believe there are no eligible local bachelors, nice guys who would have a lot more in common with you than some foreign guy.

No offense Winnie, but Mucha Man is right. I’m married to a Taiwanese (ABC) and we’ve had some rough spots because of other women. Even my inlaws struggle with this.


You know, y’all may think I’m a muthaf**cka, but I been faithful to my woman. It’s all 'bout love, and if you ain’t in love, then don’t get married. Sometimes it’s up to BOTH of you to make things more exciting if your relationship gets dull. Rent a hotel every once in a while. Try a little “role-play”. That shit is fun, and it gets you both active with each other, unselfishly trying to satisfy the other.

Most affairs are about sex, and not about companionship. But it’s a lot easier to cheat on someone that you isolate and alienate yourself from. You’ve got to be friends, as well as lovers. You’ve got to enjoy hanging out, and always have shit to talk about. But when the talking stops, the sex will stop. When the sex stops, you know someone’s gettin’ some on the side. So make sure you enjoy spending QUALITY time together before making a stupid mistake.

And for all you shit-ass muthaf**ckas screwin’ around on your woman, why don’t you think about someone other than yourself once in a while. Don’t use that stupid “everybody does it” excuse, 'cause I don’t, and I think there are a lot of decent guys out there. But you’re not gonna meet 'em at one of those meat-market night clubs.

Mo’Joe: Please don’t go degrading these forums to the gutter standard of some of those you see on the internet. Clean up your language, OK?

YES! Swearing is DISGUSTING! Stop it IMMEDIATELY! You should be banned from the forums at once and never be allowed to post anywhere else ever again. There are little children reading these boards, you know.

Just you wait, Mr. Moderator Jeffrey will be spanking your BARE BOTTOM for this.

I’m with Juba. Self-restraint is an admirable quality.

A bit harsh I thought guys, Mo Jo let a couple of swear words go, but well within context. Come on Sandman, banned from the forum!! I’ve seen far worse said. It wasn’t as if he used a swearing adjetive at every major point he made.

Originally posted by Mo' Joe: And for all you shit-ass muthaf**ckas screwin' around on your woman, why don't you think about someone other than yourself once in a while.

I guess going on about Mo Joe’s language is somewhat off-topic but does he really think that what he says is made more powerful by his choice of risqu


Does anybody think theta the phrase "shit-ass muthaf**ckas" conveys anything that "men" doesn't cover pretty adequately?

Well yeah, I’d say it does. But to satisfy all perhaps ‘two timing pricks’ would have been a more politically correct word. Men doesn’t say much at all, and well be a less then equal alternative.

I can't but help think that it makes a person less rather than more likely to listen to what he says.

Then why did my post already spawn six replies? Besides, it ain’t just a mindset. That’s the way I talk. You try living in my shoes for a while, then see how you talk/write.

Yup i think its silly how everyone just assumes all western guys cheat on girls. Ive heard of a lot of stories about Chinese/Taiwanese guys once being married having other “wives”. Plus a lot of TW “friends” i know frequently go to prostitute hang outs even though they already have girl friends, and why? Coz its different so i am told. Winnie stop throwing stones, people are the same everywhere. Men will be men.

Amos, aren’t you from Oz? What on earth happened to your sense of irony?

Sandman, true. But there’s two things my grandfather taught me. One, never cheat on a girl. And two, always leave a party of mates without saying goodbye.

I think swearing’s ok. My Year 12 English teacher said it was ok to write em in at appropriate times, and she was about 50.