Why people get crazy for BBQs on the Moon Festival?

Afternoon guys! I’m a taiwanese. Just wanna tell you something you might not know but are curious about.

If you’ve been staying in Taiwan long enough, you’d notice that the Moon Festival is quite a big day for taiwanese. EVERYBODY will have a barbecue on that day - chances are most of us will even barbecue for a whole week.

However, this was NOT a tradition before. The idea of BBQing on the Moon Festival was actually originated from a commercial ad of BBQ sauce few years ago.

We all know it. And we’re still doing it… because it’s EXCITED!
What a successful marketing lol

I’ve put more details on this in an article, including 3 moon festival stories, feel free to check it out if you’re interested: http://pics.ee/14x21

That would explain why my neighbors were BBQing and why there were stacks of briquets in Costco.
Btw did you know Santa claus was a marketing tool from coca cola?

Because BBQ isn’t a particular Taiwanese habit. People get excited about things that they seldom get a chance to do.
In other countries where people have BBQ every weekend on their own backyard, BBQ is nothing worth getting excited about.
By the same token, Europeans get excited about lying under the sun and getting themselves tanned, while Asians usually don’t.

That’s pretty interesting, can someone provide me with more detail on those sauce commercials? What year did they air?

Not so

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Mid-autumn officially became BBQ night in 1989. It’s not like people didn’t barbeque before this, it’s just in that fall the Kimlan company aired the barbeque sauce ad with such an intensity right before the festival, it sorted of made a tradition out of it.

Kimlan BBQ sauce began the sauce-race with this entry.


Of the 6 years I’ve been back. This will be the first year I will be participating in the festivities.

I’m pretty excited…and I just can’t hide it.

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The song would feel very different if the MV is about BBQ and mooncakes.

That’ll be next year’s ad campaign. :slight_smile:

We used to BBQ a lot but no one does it in this neighborhood as I think it’s against the rules. It’s also the least friendly community in Taiwan I’ve ever experienced.

It’s it against the rules to burn joss paper in your community?

Yes. Except at the local temple.

Lucky? My neighbors burn the paper and ashes get into my house. I think once they burned it in front of my house (i wasnt sure because i wasn’t home but the burning can was there and their front is occupied with their car). I wanted to say something but my husband said they are drug dealers.

It’s a clever idea, with the full moon, the autumn breeze, BBQ at autumn nights is great.


My family in Taiwan have been doing it for 50 years so it’s not that recent

Back then it was just called cooking :wink:


Where do you go for traditional bbq in Taipei? Complete with 7-11 toast and the sauce that makes everything taste the same? The family doesn’t do it anymore because bbq is unhealthy. Suggestions welcome.

Why would you willingly subject yourself to that? It’s like when I craved for those crappy US campus version udon.

“Just wanna”

Whoever taught Taiwanese the “wanna” abomination should be shot.

Finally some 巴比Q . I wish hot pot is only one year and bbq everyday.