Why ride free MRT to airport? Giddy?!


I will never understand this part of Taiwan culture and I don’t even know how to describe it. People go sit on an MRT ride to the airport just because it is free. Is there a Taiwan term?

Some passengers staked out spots as early as 1 a.m., but the excitement was palpable and the mood giddy.



  1. It’s not just a Taiwan thing.
  2. This particular line was some 20 years in the making.


Paris has set out plans to build a similar rail line to connect to its airports, and Taoyuan’s experience constructing the airport MRT line could serve as a useful reference,

Ah yes, learning from the mistakes of others! :smiley:


Well, TBH, some are bona fide riders going to the airport, bags and all.

As to the diplomats, they took the express ride, takes less time, only two stops. Coming from and to the airport, it is very convenient because you load up the luggage before you get in and travel comfortably free of stuff!


I think most of these giddy folks are retirees with too much time on their hands. “Hey, let’s go ride the new MRT today instead of play chess in the park!”


Giant Yellow Ducky. Tilted postal boxes. It’s just a fad which will eventually wear out.


…and now people are complaining becuse the ride is “dangerous” as the track goes at a 15 stories height…now they realize that…

Thinking about it, if they get stuck a la Brown Line, that is going to get nasty.


any word on what the actual running hours will be?


They already found one cracked rail this week. Split completely across.

I’ll continue to take other transport options for at least the first six months.


Like 6 am to 11pm, I think 6 minutes between trains if I am not mistaken.


So is it useless for people that arrive or depart between midnight and 6 a.m.?


Ah, but Taoyuan Airport has some the best sleeping facilities in their lounges.

In all seriousness, the latest planes leave at 1am, and you have to be there 3 hours before, so it should be fine. But yes, I usually take flights that require one to be there at 6am, so the MRT in this case won’t do. Buses won’t do either, even if they offer 24/7 service, I ain’t taking a taxi to take the bus…book limo all the way.


not unexpected but a bit disappointing. most of the times i arrive at the airport it is pretty late.


Any information on the costs, time it takes (there are two train options) and the stations?


The Taoyuan City Government yesterday announced a discount program for group tickets.

Tickets purchased in quantities of 300 or more will be given a 50 percent discount and the tickets will be valid for 100 days, during which passengers can ride an unlimited number of times between specific stations, Cheng said.

He said the program is aimed at encouraging people to use the line for their daily commute and that it targets groups such as large communities, companies, schools and government agencies.


You missed the part where they said the water leaks were “normal”. It is the Airport line.


It’s so normal, I didn’t see the need to mention it. :wink:


It’s here! :happyrunningaround:


I’m taking a taxi tonight.


Pretty sure Kuokuang bus to/from Taipei Main is 24h…


Taoyuan International Airport Corp said that MRT passengers, including flight passengers and airport workers, riding the line between Airport Terminal 1, Airport Terminal 2 and Airport Hotel stations would be able to do so for free if they use an EasyCard or iPass.

If the skytrain and bus between terminals are still running, that means there are now three free options, right?