Why so few women in the forumosa community?

I thinks it’s been asked a few times here and there. But why are there so few regular women that contribute to the forumosa community. The few that are regulars often give really great insights into things. I know some browse but never really post. Are the men here doing something that is putting off women from posting? I know many of us go after each other sometimes. I know I can be notoriously thin skinned about stuff on here. I guess it’s frustrating for myself when someone says something to me behind the computer that I don’t think they would say in person.

Some of the posters you assume are men may be women. I once used a male pronoun to refer to an online poster I knew for a while (on a different forum) and got a stinging “yo! I’m a SHE” rebuke.

Maybe they prefer actual interpersonal relationships rather than the pissing contest that is forumosa.
Why do you chat on here daily?
I don’t live in Taipei, so it makes me feel closer to home. I can log on, get my daily dose of ‘oh yeah, people do suck’ and go back to drinking beer and watching Rick and Morty.


Women don’t do forums. This is especially true for English speaking foreign women in Taiwan. I don’t blame them. This place is straight up drab.

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I had thought Icon were male for a while.

Most of my close friends don’t live in taiwan. I would say I don’t have many close friends here. Most of them are ABCs who like to party 3 times a week. And I guess it gives me a chance to get away from the gf instead of taking to her all the time. And I personally talk to people I normally would probably never talk to in real life.

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That’s quite a sexist generalization. Anyone who has ever been in a predominantly female room knows the claws come out when one of them leaves for the bathroom. Way more backtalking than men who will generally tell you they don’t like you to your face. So yeah they enjoy pissing contests just as much as males (but I really don’t see a lot of that on this forum anyway).

Mostly cos there are so few native English speaking women in Taiwan.

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Eh, I think @Brianjones nailed it actually.

Case in point.

Roughly 3:1 (male:female)


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How is that a “case in point”??

And do you honestly disagree with anything I said there?

I don’t disagree. Woman can be vicious creatures.
Forumosans (the regulars) are an argumentative lot. While sometimes entertaining, it is commonly a puffed-up showing of feathers.
The typhoon thread is generally a nice place to be.

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Ah okay. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

How very dare you. This is an outrage etc. etc. :grandpa:

當然 present company excluded!

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And for some countries it’s even more skewed, like France 5:1. :fr:

Whatever happened to the secret for-ladies-only forum? :ponder:

For some reason, men are more into internet forums than women, I browse tennis forums, music forums, Bitcoin forums, politics forums, sports betting forums (understandable here) and men are always the big majority of the posters.

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I tend to retreat to the cycling forum when I get tired of the arguing and of arguing. And I talk a lot about weight loss here. In real life, though, I talk little of weight loss. I love to talk about exercise/sport though.


I knew you were just a poser.

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