Why so quiet on the "Restaurants, Bars & Clubs"?

Seems to me this topic is not so popular anymore. Maybe members have enough of always the same subjects like the pizza’s at Alleycat’s. the games announced but never broadcasted at Brass Monkey, the lack of service in The Shannon, the unfriendly waitresses in Sain & Sinners, or the new Tavern, …and so on.

It is time we pick a new place, and start corresponding about that one.

Who has a good proposal ??

Something that I’ve been thinking about for awhile is to have a bi-monthly food crawl amongst Forumosans. As a person who lives to eat, I’ve always researched about eats every where I’ve lived and would like to meet fellow live-to-eat kind of folks. I used to coordinate this in NYC with friends and we all had a blast. Don’t have the same amount of time here unfortunately but wouldn’t mind helping out if someone else takes the lead. Another good thing about this is that it can help bring otherwise shy folks together in a non-pressure environment if that’s something people are interested in.

I’m not a big pub crawl or lounge club kind of guy but the concept can also work for these places as well.

I’ve been on a diet.

It is a bit quiet on this forum! Perhaps one should go back and do the old thing again.

Isieh, I’d be up for this. Great idea. I am one of those people who live to eat, travel to eat, etc. I also enjoy finding new places with great food.

Please let me know if a Forumosa food crawl ever gets off the ground.

Isieh, I’d be yp for a food crawl too. Hope there’s enough positive response for it to go ahead.