Why Some People Leave South Africa


[quote=“headhonchoII”]Look at the latest report from the BBC.


Are these the poorest white people in the whole world? Even poorer than the former USSR states?

Now I have visited the townships in South Africa where there are obviously 100,000s to millions of people living in varying degrees of poverty. But it is certainly striking to see squatter camps of white people specifically.

The other thing is the chart here. It says the only group that has succeeded economically from 2003 up to 2008, as a whole, are the Asians!
That may be in part because they won a lawsuit a few years ago reclassifying themselves as “black”, So, they are able to put in tenders for government contracts and can win under BEE and AA classifications and guidelines.


Goodness. South Africa seems to be heading into a huge mess.
Recent quotes:
“South Africans are continuing to be poor when we can print more money to ensure that everybody has it. Our people are poor because there is a shortage of money in the country. It’s not the shortage of jobs that makes people poor, it is the shortage of money. We have paper and ink, so we will print more money and give it to the poor, and make all of them billionaires if that is possible.”

-Nhlanhla Nene, head of South Africa’s National Treasury

Malema’s speech focused on removing Nelson Mandela Bay mayor Athol Trollip from office because he is white.

“We have taken a decision that we are going to remove the mayor of PE [Port Elizabeth],” he said. “Because the mayor of DA in PE is a white man. So, these people, when you want to hit them hard – go after a white man. They feel a terrible pain, because you have touched a white man. … We are starting with this whiteness. We are cutting the throat of whiteness.”

I don’t see this ending well for South Africa.


Just happened to be chatting with a mate about this. Did you see any solid provenance for it? Looking around at the sources I could find, I have the impression it was likely not said.


A few sources but not absolutely sure of the veracity…seems hard to fact check accurately these days.So sad that there is mis-information. I apologise if it is not accurate but…



I imagine the fact that South Africa is literally running out of water is one reason why some people are leaving South Africa.


My uber leftist millennial chicago news feed has been very supportive of South Africa’s whole white land seizure news.

Uhhh… wtf. ? And the biggest argument I’m seeing is that it’s not their ‘ancestors’ crimes but their ‘great great grandparents’ crimes which are not ‘ancestors’ because it is so recent in history. Therefore, taking back land from criminals is A-OK.

idk what to do with this world


Not all that hard to check really. A link is given there to what seems to be the main source, “Hinnews South Africa” which I have not heard of. It does not seem to have appeared in any mainstream sources–a red flag certainly. I didn’t see much information about this website online. I’m somewhat on the fence, but the lack of any corroboration and the unknown nature of this site make it hard to trust.


Ha…seemingly that appears not to have any bearing with the MSM these days, Can find a lot of “news” that has been completely ignored , if it does not “fit” the obvious agenda. Sorry , that it why it IS more difficult to fact check TG


Now we’re getting into conspiracy type territory. It’s total… err… sorry, I’ll have to disagree :slight_smile: There are hundreds of news organizations of all stripes around the world, and they report things. What’s the agenda? What is there some kind of CIA plot or something going on here? Nah. If the best one can do on a simple and obviously newsworthy quote is point to an article in “Hinnews SA” I call bullshit for the time being until some kind of corroboration can be found.


I thought it was more along the lines of people trying to cut your legs off with a chainsaw.


You may be completely correct and I am happy to stand corrected. It is hard to know sometimes , which news sources are credible at a glance…seems that I will have to research a bit more and wait until an MSM source picks it up , or Snopes outs it as being false.
I will stick to proven Headlines.:smiley:


Now if it was in the Sun we could trust it.


It sounds like one of those in Soviet Russia jokes…

In South Africa, they print money and give it to the poor. In Soviet America, they print money and give it to the banks. :money_mouth_face:


Actually there used to be hundreds 50 years ago, within the United States now there are only 6 Corps which own all the MSM including Print News/Magazines in the US from more than 4 dozen before. This is a similar situation around the world. What gets more interesting is to see who owns each of these or who they are affiliated with.

Furthermore some of these same 6 companies own major news outlets in other countries.

Same pattern continues world wide.

MSM often discredits any real news refused to play into their narrative. Even if the News comes from a real United Nations Independent reporter on the ground. This reporter calls them out in Press conference.


Plus at one more, Nash Holdings LLC, which owns the Washington POS er, Post.


Nash Holdings LLC is Jeff Bezos right? Bezos owns Washington Post.




Maybe because they do not get free jets from Canada`s export-import bank! :grin::grin:

What a bloody joke. And the Canuck press were too weak and timid to publish this until it was published by the Washington Post.

A lot of dirty stories about shady practices in Canada being published by the US recently. :grin::laughing: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2018/03/02/canada-loaned-a-family-41-million-to-buy-a-luxury-jet-now-the-jet-is-missing/?utm_term=.14def72c1d99


The scandal is real, but Chewdawg’s claim is fake news. The Wapo article is from March 2nd. This one is from February 19th.

And if you have time to dig deeper, you will find that they’ve been covering the story much longer than that.


If that is the case, why do most articles reference the Washington Post? Certain slants were not covered by the mediocre Canadian outlets.

The Global News and countless other Canadian outlets reference the WP, and the renewed interest is thanks to American interest as referenced below in the Globe:

However, the EDC hasn’t yet been able to locate the plane. According to reports from the Washington Post, the Guptas made the aircraft’s location data private after the EDC’s court filing requested the plane’s exact location.https://globalnews.ca/news/4059932/canadian-bank-loan-african-family-luxury-jet/

For the first time in eight decades of free rein, EDC is facing sustained interest from the Canadian press. But the corporation became the Kevin Spacey of financial institutions last week, following a piece on the Gupta jet debacle that was published in the Washington Post. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/article-export-development-canada-is-the-death-star-in-the-canadian-economy/