Why Some People Leave South Africa


They’ve been on the story since at least last year. (Bombardier is not good at winning hearts and minds these days.) What exciting new details did the Wapo reveal, exactly?


Fuck that country



This from Huffington.
Sure, he’s far-left, but them’s mighty big words.
RSA continues to be a slow train headed in the same direction as Zimbabwe.

Asked by the presenter if he understood that to some this might sound like a “genocidal call”, Malema responded, “Cry babies, cry babies!”

“I can’t give you a guarantee of the future,” he repeated. "Especially when things are going the way they are.

“If things are going the way they are, there will be a revolution in this country. I can tell you now. There will be an unled revolution in this country, and an unled revolution is the highest form of anarchy,” Malema said.


Good grief, that guy is an asshole.

It baffles me how people like this manage to get into positions of power. The “cry babies” response, incidentally, is also being used in the Philippines (another country headed slowly down the toilet).

The issue of land use and ownership rights is a massive problem globally, and it usually boils down to unclear and unfair procedures, inadequate surveying, and lack of a functioning social contract. That is, if you don’t know exactly what you own, and nobody else knows what you own, and the government won’t defend what you own, there’s no point issuing titles.


First 50 families of farmers from South Africa may soon resettle in Russia

The first families of Boers, descendants of Dutch settlers in South Africa, could soon be moving to Russia to escape rising violence against farmers. Some 15,000 Boers want to leave South Africa and become farmers in Russia.
The Schlebusch family from South Africa’s Bloemfontein is going to be among first 50 Boer families to settle in Russia’s southwest. Like many other Boers, they are seeking political asylum in Russia. They say they are facing violent attacks and death threats at home stemming from government plans to expropriate their land.

The early ones leaving are the smart ones.


zimbabwe 2.0


And then they’ll blame colonial legacy.


Looks like they may be coming back to their senses alter the Black Hitler was ousted:


the financial trade here is to go “long” Zimbabwe and go “short” RSA.


It took close to a genocide plus decades of a borderline non existent economy to let them rethink their past choices.


And even so I wouldn’t rule out a second taking back once the farms have been made productive again. Those returning farmers better have figured out ways to hide/disguise their financial success.


Go back -> put things in proper conditions -> generate profit -> immediately sell the property and gtfo of there.


The ANC has decided to change the Constitution to expropriate land without compensation.

This was decided at a two-day lekgotla held in Irene, outside Pretoria, which concluded on Tuesday.

The move is seen as one which reflects the majority perspective expressed at the ongoing hearings on land taking place across the country headed by Parliament’s Constitutional Review Committee.


Do you think they’ll let the white people work the land for them? That would be lekker.


Nah, legit farmers, both black and white, will be forced out, and replaced by the friend of the friend of the friend of someone in the government. Russia already let many SA farmers in as refugees, I guess many more will have to move to Eu/US soon.


Sad to say, but South Africans better prepare for starvation, hyper-inflation, etc.
ANC must be reading the textbook on Zimbabwe and thinking “two wrongs MUST make a right. They just MUST. MUST, goshdangit!!!”


Paul Theroux writes very well on Zimbabwe in Black Star Safari. There they kicked all the Indians out that ran the grocery stores, took the stores over and within a year the stores were gone.


Why were those stores successful? Was it curry privilege? Must have been.


Seems SA is destined to be a much larger Rhodesia turned Zimbabwe.

I’d not want to be a white (or black) South African the way things are going.