Why SOPA is a good thing... (for example)

There is someone with the nickname maddox who uses a fair bit of (mild, by N.American standards) profanity on his site, maddox.xmission.com/ but that did not stop me from browsing around a bit there, and i found some of his articles (for example, on how to deal with paper junk mail or on his fight with an “aggregating site”) both funny and clever in practical ways.
I particuarly like his take on SOPA, which is probably not unique, but unlike many who shout he does the legwork that many won’t do (searching and providing information that help people act).
Why do i post this to “fun & games”? Not sure where else to post it, and it is in a way entertaining - but, dear mod, please move it if you find a better place, thanks!

I must have had too many sessions with Spanish speaking kids last week because all I can think of is soup.:?:

EDIT: Oh, so that’s what SOPA is… Hmm, Pearson Assessments is on the list of supporters, that stinks, I use a bunch of their assessments.