Why the dearth of Taichung posts?


I came to live near the port due to cheap accomodation.
I noticed that on this website no new posts about Taichung.
When I lived in Taipei a hound’s age ago, I never gave anywhere outside any mind but then I worked 6 or 7 days /week and only made trips out of town for visa runs.
With the holiday, I am once again jammed up with work with only 1 trip planned for Friday. And really back on a 6 day /week where I will hopefully get a work permit…
But Taichung? Did i fall off the face of the earth?

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Perhaps there’s not many expats or Forumosans living in Taichung. It has a (perhaps undeserved?) reputation for not being a very desirable place to live.


It is boring IMO.
Consistent, safe, but boring. I’m moving out now, I’m in South district. Taipei and Kaohsiung seem to be where most people on here are from.


ever since @Gain left for fish 'n chips land, the only Taichung topic is pollution or no pollution


I hear and get the impression that Taichung was less dearthy in the past.


Well i for one lived in Taichung for a year eons ago and it was AWESOME. loved it.

I would live there again.


Just fyi…


It seems that Taichung’s heyday with the foreign community was during the constructing of the HSR, with lots of engineers and other professionals around. I seem to recall crackdowns during Mayor Jason Hu’s time on music venues and/or watering holes—after that, the party was over.

It also seems that some of Taichung’s current foreign residents are either better integrated (like, e.g., Michael Turton) or post on youtube (like, e.g., Prozzie). No need for forumosa and its Taipei bias for those guys! : P



that was when Taichung was the Vegas of Taiwan. Now it’s the beer belly of the island.


Big impact.


let us know if something ever happens in Taichung

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@shiadoa be MIA’ing on this thread


Recovering from holiday . :grinning: Don’t want to make Taichung sound too good , otherwise we may be invaded by the Taipei riff-raff :yum:


People south of Taipei tend to be more engaged and actually doing things besides staring at a screen. Different lifestyle.

I’ve noticed they actually spend more time in fewer available common spaces than Taipei. In other words, they just bump into each other more in smaller spaces so don’t need or want to be online to talk.

There is a general dearth from all areas south of Taipei.


yes, Taipei people only stare at screens…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


A bit harsh …such a mix of people/jobs . Staring at Umbrellas, maybe ?


Especially in winter and bad weather.


In the 90s, Taichung was known for random fruit-knifings of innocents by scooter drag racers.

In the 00s, it was where there were the mayor in a fit of political madness closed all the bars and nightclubs in the city, and even started going after 7-11s with outside seating when people resorted to having beers there.

In the '10s, it’s known for heavy pollution from the biggest coal fired plant in the world located upwind from the city.

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And there was a time gangsters liked shooting up KTVs, with one guy accidentally killing a KTV girl at the big bright Golden Jaguar on the main Taiwan Blvd which is somehow still open.


zero need to worry about that, you’re flyover (well, HSRailway-trackover) territory on their way to the new bourgeois land of Kaohsiung. woo-hoo :whistle: