Why was 'Mormons' removed

I’m really curious. Can we please have an explanation as to why that thread was removed. I didn’t think it was very offensive. Why can people freely criticise teachers (a profession) but not criticize Mormonism (a cult/religion.set of beliefs)? It seems very inconsistent and is only going to lead people to suggest that Wolf may have been right in thinking that the administrators are Mormon.

Futhermore, I spent literally hours researching and writing about the origins of Mormonism and some of it’s particularly strange beliefs, becuase some people had expressed curiosity about it. Now all my hard work has just been erased. Why delete the entire thread when just offensive posts could have been zapped.

Finally, maybe you were thinking of relevancy. Well I think it’s pretty relevant to life in Taiwan. There’s certainly a lot of Mormons around here.


I think its because Gus and Christine are trying to emulate Taiwan politicians in times of crisis – running around like chickens with their heads cut off, giving knee-jerk reactions to each new stimulus.
However, I just noticed they seem to have archived the removed posts (under the opinion feedback section).
I think if we can be patient, they’ll get things right eventually.

bu is right.
bu spent a lot of time researching mormons and now, instead of just thinking of them as a bunch of annoying dudes with crew cuts and dress shirts, we’ve got a better idea of the things mormons stand for. why censor that?
as a newcomer to oriented.org, i’ve got to say that the owners are not very consistent, seeming to just censor anything that upsets them. i hope that the last few days are not representative of what usually occurs on the site. i like the idea of oriented.org, but i think this rashness – not only in deleting material but in responding to posters – is an area that could see a lot of improvement.
but that’s just me (by the way, i’m not a mormon, but i play one on TV).

You play one on TV? Tell us more!


I don’t feel it is fair to characterize my decision to “remove” [and you are perceptive, sandman] the thread as a “knee jerk reaction”. Indeed, I feel the Mormon thread stayed up “too long” while we vascillated behind the scenes.

Our saying that we don’t have time to “moderate” the forums is lame, but it is true. Even setting boundaries, or swearing off any boundaries at all, takes us time because we have been burned more than once for making quick but not altogether thought out decisions.

Removing the Mormons thread and suspending posting capabilites in R&R are meant to buy us time (and possibly so at a high cost). I did not join this project to create a billboard to attack a highly visible group in Taiwan (or any group, for that matter). At the same time, neither did I ever expect that the name “cranky laowai” would appear on the front page of a daily newspaper because of something he posted (in R&R, no less).

Is “buying time while we continue to be indecisive” a wise strategy? I don’t think so, but it is a better one than letting the threads continue to accumulate flames (for both its subjects and us!)

As a philosopher said somewhere, “I know I suck, therefore I don’t suck!” I hope this can apply a bit to my decision.

quote[quote]Can we please have an explanation as to why that thread was removed... Why can people freely criticise teachers... but not criticize Mormonism... [/quote]


Thanks for taking the effort to bring this up. I have come to expect good questions from your posts, and as usual you don’t disappoint.

By removing your thoughful post, I take it you are wondering if we have thrown out the baby with the bath water. I look at it more as we have put everything away for now while we figure out how to drain the basin (sigh – I can just picture Christine scratching her head at my latest poor attempt at allegory).

In plain (but still confusing) English: Did we delete your post? No. We have learned to not delete anything anymore. So will your informative messages return? Yes, but I don’t know when (same difference?).

We actually have someone interested in moderating R&R (yes, it’s true) – but we first must discover more about him and our own position with R&R and inflammatory threads before “we can act responsibly”.

Why is it ok to attack teachers, but not Mormons? In my personal opinion, it is not OK to attack teachers, or to create threads specifically to harass other members. (Uh, and I don’t mean to imply that you are guilty of any of this – I’m just citing examples )

However, as you noted above, this is a bit more of an apples and oranges situation (profession vs. set of beliefs) than not. I don’t recall any threads that exhorted others to “spit” on teachers, “kick them in the goolies”, or out right say, “I HATE YOU”.

In another thread, you invoke, “give them (those who post negative/defamatory comments) enough rope to hang themselves with”. Well said, and basically, I agree with you. But until we can measure how insignificant such postings are to “building community” – we will err on the side of conservatism.

(btw, Bri, I don’t know if you got my Private Message this morning regarding your comments in the Feedback Forum. I will re-post there soon )

I think it was fair to remove the Mormon topic. It was not really going anywhere and could be misconstrued as a hate site, which it wasn’t.

Gus wrote: I don’t recall any threads that exhorted others to “spit” on teachers, “kick them in the goolies”, or out right say, “I HATE YOU”.

This is a good example of being oversensitive as I have posted in the feedback side. I wrote the first two, but they were obviously (at least to one respondent) meant as a shot. Mean, yes, but that’s the way I feel.
Musasa wrote about sticking something up somebody’s ass. Did anyone take him seriously or literally? Was anyone grieviously offended?
I’d just hate to see the forums bottlenecked by the politeness police.

what made the newspaper?

The only thing worse being talked about is not being talked about (wilde).

Cranky Laowai created a thread complaining about the possibility of extra taxi charges because a cab driver can speak English. Click here to read it

I must say that I think that the mormon thread should not have been removed/moved. It contained a lot of intelligent well thought out comments. It is inevitable that any freely accessable site will get a few “out there” comments but anyone with a brain will ignore these. In general I could not see how the thread could be seen as offensive. I have to agree with Brian and Sandman’s comments regarding ending the thread.