Why white collar westerners shouldn't work in Taiwan or for Taiwanese companies?



Taiwan also exports a lot of criminals and scam artists especially to Australia, Mainland China, SE Asia doing credit card scams.


And what does that have to do with what I said?




Way to be hyperbolic. I never once said that only lowlives would come live here. And prostitutes? Give me a break.

My points are:

a) most of the inconveniences you mentioned can be resolved by better regulations and practices; the lack of those doesn’t equate to granting citizenship to every single foreigner, and

b) most Westerners wouldn’t want another citizenship if they could have all the benefits. It’s just the reality and it isn’t limited to Taiwan. The only reason why you guys are ranting about the citizenship is those outdated laws.


Just experienced this last week. Had to open a new account in Taiwan Business Bank in Kaohsiung because I changed my job (which is so stupid by the way e.g. a guy in my office has 20 bank accounts because he has worked in 20 different companies over the last 3 decades).

Anyways, I took a local work colleague to help me out. I was still denied. I heard them discussing and heard my country named mentioned in Chinese. Later my colleague told me that they weren’t comfortable opening an account for someone from my country because they wouldn’t know where the money would come from, his exact words "because you know people in your country do illegal things … ".

Unbelievable to hear that, even after having explained to them that I am a Gold Card ARC holder and I am allowed to earn money legally from any source in Taiwan as long as I pay taxes on it!

Anyways, I wouldn’t say this is racism but just an ignorant excuse used by the bank so they wouldn’t have to deal with a foreigner.


You should ask your manager in your company to make a complaint, say they are treating you badly . The bank will back off fast.
Companies in Taiwan use just one bank for their salaries and most of their banking needs, so this would be a big deal if your boss complained to them.

I got a credit card from the ‘salary’ bank and have been treated quite well in similar situations .


Yep, that’s exactly what I did. They called the bank’s HQ to complain. A senior manager from there then called the bank in question and ordered them to open my account next day. I got my account opened yesterday. Funny enough the bank even offered me a credit card then :smile: .
Just need to wait for a week to get my card.

P.S. When I face issues like this I always complain using any means necessary. Unfortunately in Taiwan when dealing with institutions like this you have to put pressure on them just to get a fair treatment. Things are usually smooth afterwards.


It is partly the provincial and insular mindset, partly the fear to make a mistake and get chewed out by the overseer, so the “safe” way is to say no. Once the top dog says ok, those fears are taken away and you can get decent service.


The front line xiaojie loses both ways
If she opens the account she gets chewed out by the overseer, if she refuses and a complaint is made to head office, she gets chewed out by him as well. Lose lose


That’s why one shouldn’t come down too hard on the front counter folks, they are largely the product of company and management culture and are trying to survive in that environment.


Taiwan Business Bank is the worst bank in Taiwan.

They told me foreigners couldn’t have debit cards. I argued with them for 30 minutes and asked them to phone head office. Nobody said sorry, they just put a debit card on the desk.

I employed an Indian guy as a freelancer and told him be had to open TBB account as company policy. He went there and they refused because he couldn’t speak Chinese. They were really rude to him and he felt it was because he was Indian and they were racist. Was really upset about the whole affair.

When I tried to sign up, found that they didn’t have Britain or UK in their scroll down list of countries to select on their self built system. They had Barbados and Luxembourg but I had to be classified as “other”

I have a list of more ridiculous examples of their incompetency and inefficiency. I think I would refuse to work for a company if they insisted I had to bank with them. I still have 20,000 in there and am scared of going in there to claim it as I know I will be in the branch for three hours dealing with nonsense.

Apparently they were state owned for most of their history. They are least business-like of all banks. Should be called Taiwan Kafka Bank


True cant blame the girl behind counter. There should be a process, if she feels uncomfortable it should escalate to a manager who can resolve the situation, or create a line item check list, a process as it were that explains why they can’t help… But thats just what I would do


I agree it’s bullshit and definitely has a tinge of racism. BanKing here sucks and I can’t wait for a fintech revolution .


I went to my bank, where I’ve had direct deposits from employer into for 8 years, and asked for a credit card. I was with the missus to do the talking. The gal behind the counter said straight out, with me standing there, that they don’t give credit cards to foreigners because foreigners steal money and run away to their home country. I later learned that it was one of the banks that lent money to Taiwanese business twats who had run away to China with billions. Had to leave before my temper got the better of me.


Which unpleasant bank was that with?
I’ve been told that before and I asked for statistics as proof… still waiting


Just for fun every year I apply for their credit card and every year I get a rejection letter lol.
I just do it every year to see if I’ll get a nice rejection letter again to add to my.collection


You should send them all to the Government to show them the reality .


Here is one I saved from entie bank when I complained in the past

Dear sir:

Foreigners of Entie Bank apply for credit card specifications, need to prepare a residence permit and passport, and recruit a Taiwanese guarantor.
Thank you for your support of the Bank.
Related specifications:http://www.entiebank.com.tw/creditCard/foreigner01.asp

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us and call our Customer Service Center.
I wish you good luck!

I’ve complained to the fsc many times and each time have been told that they let the bank’s decide who they will give money too and if they don’t want to do it for foreigners well then sol
As for a guarantor , why would I do that. It’s easier to get that person to just apply the card in their name and put you as secondary. It’s a non event for me now, as I got the cards I need.


They are a factory of misery. They hate you for even thinking about banking there. They will punish you for the audacity of making them do some work.


It’s so incredibly stupid - you get a new job, have to open a bank account with their bank. I think I’m on track for my 20 bank accounts in Taiwan. Third world banking… sad.