Why white collar westerners shouldn't work in Taiwan or for Taiwanese companies?



Which country’s banking system doesn’t suck? The US is pretty easy to use but they charge fees for everything. Italian ones are even worse.

Off question, is the euro insurered in banks? My girl says they are not in Italy but I find that hard to believe.


I dont know. HK is pretty good.

Taiwan Business Bank is how I imagine banking in North Korea must be.


British banks are pretty good to foreigners. Then again London is the banking capital so they can’t be bad.

I never had any problem in Taiwan’s banks though. Things usually run smoothly for me. Then again I’m no foreigner.


My complaints for Taiwan is no online banking or not user friendly online banking. The stupid you have to go to the branch you opened at thing. And having to make a new account every time I get a new employer who banks somewhere else.


I have used online banking and it was fine. I’ve transferred money and stuff on my phone. Nothing went wrong.


Which bank if you don’t mind me asking?

The banks here are super nice to me. The tellers are all super respectful and polite and go out of their way for me. But I’m also not exactly a foreigner. And I speak Chinese.


your girl is wrong, Italian bank deposit insurance is up to 100,000eur

Euro deposits held in tw would fall under tw bank deposit insurance


So after 100,000 it’s not insured? I put a million in my local bank and they go under. I can only recover 100k?



The insurance is in place to prevent bank runs(queues of people outside the bank trying to take the money out), and 100k covers 99.99% of the customers


Eh most banks online systems are not suitable for us foreigners to use as just like shopping websites, our ID. Numbers are simply not accepted by the system.


Hua nan. I’m pretty sure that all major banks have online banking services. You just need to download the apps on your phone.

Idk what’s the deal with foreigners and I most likely will never know lol.


My online banking is generally fine with first bank you just use your arc as your ID. They have a mobile app too.

There’s a limitation for foreigners to use Apple pay and such, or there was anyway.


That’s pretty terrifying if you’re rich and have millions of euros. But I guess they would probably move their money out of the country.

Is this just for personal accounts. Many Business accounts must surely have more than 100k to conduct business.


Me too. Even when I do stuff not in my bank to wire western union because it’s a cheaper rate. They try so hard to get my business. Boiling me tea, sweet talking me about all the great benefits and trying to get me to open a credit line with them.

I wonder if they got some policy in the back to make life miserable for foreigners.


Banks don’t drop like flyes unless it’s the week after Lehman went under, and that time it was scary for a lot of people

A business wouldn’t have billions on their accounts though, companies such as Apple, google etc. only keep enough for day to day operations and the rest would be in government bonds and the like


Now , maybe , you understand why they buy over priced property , and sit on it for years. :nerd_face:


It’s happened enough times where I’d be concerned. Less so in the US. But Italy, from what I am told some banks are operating at loss there. But I’m not that knowledgeable about Italian banking to confirm.


Not true.

You are making some valid points, haven’t gotten to all of them. This canard, however, is overplayed and not at all based in fact.


It’s More the police arent bothered dealing with cases some times and easily influenced by power plays, displays of wealth etc.


My cousin is one of the youngest to be appointed as a judge. From what I know the trials are pretty fair, they almost always have 3 judges to decide unless it’s some small trivial matter or you go for summary judgement without court proceedings. So it’s a hard sell to me that all 3 judges whose job is to be fair and keep each other in check will be so biased this way. If anything the biggest influence like most court systems is money. Who are you, who do you know, how good are your lawyers. I know of many cases where foreigners won, one of them was a close friend that won complete custody of his children against his Taiwanese ex.