Why white collar westerners shouldn't work in Taiwan or for Taiwanese companies?



I have nothing against English teachers and China also has strong hiring needs of qualified English teachers… For the visa run, I wasn’t targeting a population in particular.

For more ideas about roles in demand in Taiwan and salaries, you can read this: https://www.michaelpage.com.tw/sites/michaelpage.com.tw/files/Taiwan-MP-Employment-Outlook-2018-EN.pdf


Seems questionable.


You specifically mentioned English teachers, visas and deep cleaning , putting them in italics for emphasis.
You displayed negative bias and your info seems out of date.
BTW I am not an English teacher .


Maybe I didnt express myself clearly but for the visa run I have many examples of people enjoying it in Taiwan and staying there using that way since 5+ years… But I m not judging. Actually it’s pretty cool in a way, if you have enough money to regularly fly in and out, and no heavy paperwork involved!! I just think that due to global security issues, terrorism, more regulated control of tourists inbound and outbound flux, Taiwan will someday put some limits to this… Or maybe not !
Regarding the “deep cleaning” of English teachers in China, okay this is my own expression but it did happen in China recently (in 2017) and it was kind of crazy/scary in a way, to see what Chinese government can do…And in the new working visa categories in China, English teachers fall in the last category, the one which includes hospitality professionals, waiters, and so forth… Yes, this is China view of English teachers… The most ironical thing is that, at the same time, you can count job postings for English teachers in China by hundreds…
What a strange world…


Chinese visa situation is simply not relevant to Taiwan.
Taiwan is steadily making it easier for people with qualifications to live and work along with their families .
Really different to the trends in China.

The vast majority of English teachers are legally employed and need to show a clean police record, that has been the case for a few years already.


China went through a bit of a purge but I’ve heard it’s back to normal now. The demand for English there outstrips the amount of people that are qualified to teach it there so they cant be too picky.

Anecdotal but I’ve got the feeling that in general taiwanese youth care less and less about English with each passing year. You can see it in the major decline in adults taking courses


Well HSBC obviously didn’t survey the users up here either.


It seems there isn’t much talk concerning multinational companies with offices in Taiwan. I for one would love to go that avenue, especially in pharmaceuticals; at the least, there’d be assurance that I would be treated with respect and earn well as opposed to working for a Taiwanese company (apparently)…


Most MNC in Taiwan have basically become Taiwanese entities.


Unfortunately true.
Though was talking to my buddy in China and his office has also become almost completely sinicized over time.


When applicable, I’d imagine there will be more incentive to maintain a peofessionalism due to the company’s origins…


They are still better than local companies in terms of labour rights and compensation is often, but not always, higher.


i feel you because i myself has the same experience.

and therefore i always ask myself if Taiwan is still the land of many opportunities or its only a crazy illusion.


I have seen a recent report, and now it is switching away from Asia. And the best places for expats are now mostly Europe and the middle east.


That report is the most recent one.


Where the EZ money these days ?

You know what I’m taking about , China, Dubai in the late 90s and 2000s. That kind of place and time when money flows like a river and all you have to do is dive in.

Where’s it at ?


Vietnam is where I would go. They got a 15~20-year lag on China. Firms retreating from China will spread out throughout SE Asia. Maybe Myanmar on a lark.
For the courageous, single, foolhardy person, go to central/south-central Africa.


Sounds like you had a crappy experience, why’d you stay so long then?


I think you’re reading too much into it. It’s normal for them to go home (read: where their parents live) for the holidays. For you, unlike most of them that probably means spending a lot of money to go overseas. I guess “home” isn’t the best word for it, in the respective language it would be 地元 or 老家 or something.


Perhaps, I was not clear. This was the standard Winter holiday question during many years in Japan. (not Taiwan.)
There was no confusion about meaning: A gaijin never has a “Home” in Japan.

They clearly meant somewhere other than, outside of, Japan.