Why white collar westerners shouldn't work in Taiwan or for Taiwanese companies?



Whatever. It’s not like I give af.


I only agree with the first part of your statement, about not fitting in. When I go ‘home’ now it never feels like it used to feel. Like I am a foreigner in my own country. But i am not treated different by others, it’s just all different from my perspective. Although I do get nasty stares from some middle aged white females when they see me with my Taiwanese wife. I don’t think it’s racism, but because my wife looks so much younger than me?

Funny too, someone mentioned relearning how to drive. When my wife drives in the US she is still in Taiwan mode and all over the road. I have to constantly remind her to stay in the lines or we will get stopped for suspicion of drunk driving.


It feels more and more like Taiwan/China every time I go home. I see less and less laowais and more and more Asians. I probably use English more often when I’m in Taiwan then when I’m in the city I grew up in.

Which Canadian city I’m I from?








We’ve got a couple of those female judgmental stares over the years. Some dodgy guys as well. Most people are nice though.

Happily we seem to get very very little hostility in Taiwan (can’t remember the last time even), just curiosity.


Your English has gone to the dogs too…:sunglasses:



Not many people would of guessed this but, it’s the best choice after richmond. You must be from the lower mainland?

I’m not used to typing shit out on iPads. It’s incredibly frustrating and fucks with my grammar/spelling/formatting.

Don’t worry I’m not teaching English here.


Just to pick one point, Costco is very expensive you’re right.
Pick up more than a few items and your monthly salary is gone. That’s why usually people only have several items in their cart only compared to the USA where people buy a lot more due to increased buying power.

Koreans in general don’t seem to like foreigners at all. Taiwan and Japan are much more welcoming imo


For someone who says he never gives af you seem to have a lot of viewpoints


I’m actually from the lower Lower Mainland (California). :sunglasses:


San Ysidro?


My mom is from San Diego, so…close.


You did say lower, lower…

SD is great. We lived there two years recently. It is the only place I will live in the USA.


Taiwan is not giving citizenship to foreigners, unless you win Nobel Prize. On the other you cannot believe how many random Taiwanese has US, Canada, Australia passports (dual citizenship).

Dual Nationality Option

Taiwan approves more naturalization for skilled foreign applicants


The bank uses our lack of citizenship as reason, not excuse, to deny us the card ad portas. That is the problem. Before we present our money, our credit score, we are told we cannot apply.

It would be a problem of the banking system if the same reason was not presented time and time again in other areas of the socioeconomic spectrum. Not just banking.

But yes, you and most Taiwanese do not care because it does not affect you and many people paint foreigners under negative stereotypes such as liars, cheaters, bottom of the trash can who could not cut abroad etc. Such stereotypes reflect the imposed idea that Taiwan is not good enough, that only a lowlife would want to come here. This brainwashed racist mantra against foreigners is in reality a self deprecating lie so that Taiwan will be isolated. In reality, Taiwan attracts mostly normal, average people,a couple hooks, some criminal masterminds that do not last long here, and my favorites as tourists: families and groups of students. No, prostitutes are not the majority, and interestingly, this is an imported service for the local market and not viceversa.


Meaning so far 34 individuals, mostly priests who have been serving the less fortunate 50 plus years.

See why we do not like this option? Locals keep blaming us for not taking the plunge, they think there must be something wrong with us because we do not apply. Yet they fail to see the bar is set way too high.


In April it was 32 in 23.57 million population.
0.0000013576%, so far just over 1per million lol.

I don’t like this kind of elitist system but it is the only way I can apply (I haven’t applied yet thinking about it…Might not.even qualify anyway).

Meanwhile my kids did nothing and got it on day one.


No love for Colorado??