I was recently in an accident where the car I was driving hit a female riding her scooter. I am at fault. After writing up a police report with the cops on scene I went to the hospital where the ambulance had taken her. I stayed with her the entire time and paid for her medical bill. I then told her and her mother, who has just shown up, that I will pay for the damages to her bike as well as for her time away from work. This because I was told by some friends that it is better to settle out right away. I have not paid anything yet, though. Anyways, my husband phones his brother in Taipei about the incident. My brother in law, who has been in the same situation only 2 months ago, tells us not to settle with them, but to let the insurance deal with them. My question is, why do people prefer to settle outside rather than going through insurance? Also, should I just let the insurance handle it? This is my first accident, and I’m pretty shook up about it. My husband has never been in accident, so we’re pretty stumped on what to do.

I once knocked some motorcyclist flying. It doesn’t seem to matter whose at fault the larger vehicle is always at fault. I gladly let the insurance company deal with it. That’s why I pay my insurance.

Perhaps years ago when insurance wasn’t quite as common as it is now everything was settled on the spot. It sounds like you went over the top. Don’t worry about it.

You have insurance?


and of course never admit you were wrong

Just settle with you will pay for this and this… but never say it was your fault… or you were wrong

[quote=“stragbasher”]You have insurance?

Why?[/quote]Third-party insurance is a legal requirement. You buy it at the time you transfer vehicle ownership to yourself. The insurance shops are always very close to the DMV offices. They give you a little orange card the shape of a bank card. And of course you have to keep it up-to-date.

[edit: just realised, maybe you were being ironic]

I don’t know about Taiwan, but people in Canada prefer not to go through insurance because they will raise your insurance rates if you are in an accident, and you end up paying a lot more money on your insurance the next year. Maybe it’s the same here?