Look, let’s cut to the chase as they say in movie reviews.
Why do you people want the Commie Fascist oligarchy horde
to over run this island?
Don’t you people read the news papers?
Don’t you know anything about history?
Don’t you know anything about reality?
I’d like to drop you people (on a good day by parachute)
into their hinterland, and if you make back tell stories.

Here’s a lesson to you people who drink,
If you drink too much you repeat yourself.
It may seem as emphasis but it’s just intoxication!

Heh heh, I’m drunk and ac has bad English,
tomorrow I’ll be sober!

“Heh heh”
I don’t need an answer. When the commie horde runs wild here I’ll either escape or die trying.
I’ll shed a tear for the people who have to stay and move on (or not).

This is just catharsis for me- I don’t need interaction with people who agree with me and I don’t want
interaction with people who don’t!

Excuse me while I go hunt for more ac English screw-ups. Everyone needs a hobby.