Wicked Hamburger Helper

When my mom asked my cousins, what did they miss the most from their visit to the US, they said my Hamburger Helper!!

I make really wicked Hamburger Helper (I say that with pride, after 4 years of college, I make the best HH bare none)

Since I’m in a fairly good mood today, I thought I’d share…

You can buy Hamburger Helper at Jason’s below 101.

So, what do I do differently than other people?

First, I use a Wok. It’s really big and easy to use.

Second, I add a can of ripe tomatoes. If the recipe says 2 1/2 cups of water, I add a can of Tomatoes, and cut the water by about 1/2 cup.

Third, (and this is the real secret) you need to add some Vietnamese Red Chili sauce on it. The one in the plastic bottle with the small screw nosal.

If you anticipate leftovers, then leave it in the wok until it gets cold, the tomatoes really make it thick, and so you can then “cut” it out like lasagna. If you want to simulate lasagna and you own a oven, then you can rebake it the second day.

Wanna guess what I’m thinking about for dinner?? :smiling_imp:

I don’t know why they call it hamburger helper. It tastes just as good by itself.

I used to add onions and garlic and tomatoes, and it wasn’t bad, at least back in my college days. Er, decade.

What on earth is hamburger helper?

It’s not as good as shake and bake.

HH and S&B are definitely in their own food group.

The possibilities aproach the infinite.
Tasty Grub Bub! :bravo:

“I like it better than Tuna Helper myself”. :notworthy: I loved that movie!!

The versatility of HH is infinite…

When my Korean guests come over, I throw in some Kim Chi, and now it becomes Kim Chi Helper…

When the japanese guests come over, I throw in Okra…

When the German guests come over, I throw in some sausage.

When the Thai guests come over, I squeeze some lemon juice and a squirt of shrimp sauce on it.

When the Vietnamese guests come over, fish sauce and basil.

When the Italian guests come over… I serve them Spagetti instead! :smiley:

When I come over you better throw it away :laughing:

All together, sing: "Because Hamburger Helper helps your hamburger . . . make a great meal!

(or something like that).

But what IS it? I’ve never even heard of it!

It comes in a box and all you have to do is add hamburger and fry it up. It is easy and timesaving. A godsend for the harried housewife.

GRRRRR! :laughing:
OK, so I had to Google to find out its some kind of meal. Like breadcrumbs, I suppose. Americans are weird.

Wellman’s has it for $126/box. I think Proto_tw’s E-store has it too, but the site is closed temporarily.