Wifi at home or tethering with a sim card

Hi! I’m on a phone plan for a year where the first 6 months were unlimited data(at 699 NT a month) and the last six months are pay as you go (150 per 1 G, 350 per 3 g)(I’m with Far East Tone). I’d been using my phones hot spot when at home on my laptop for streaming and all that. However, with the data usage from streaming sites I see that it will be way too expensive to keep doing that. The prepaid plans offered by FET is 700 NT for 15 days which seems like a pain have to keep changing SIM cards. I am wondering if anyone has any advice on unlimited 30 day plans(I see Chunghwa has one for 30 days for 1000 NT) or wifi routers suggestions. It seems like
Most people just have unlimited data plans and tether from their phones.

It depends on what you do. Most cell carriers keep ports closed so that a lot of services might be unavailable or throttled, also the speeds can vary depending on usage. You might want to take a look at home broadband as the speeds, connection and latency are far more reliable.

But there are true unlimited plans as well, some are even no-fixed term with the cell phone internet.

Thanks for getting back to me! Do you know of anything that’s month to month for home broadband!I just need this for another 4.5 months and then I’m out of Taipei! I have the little sim card media pad that I could get a prepaid unlimited SIM card and slip that in to use at home but wanted to compare to what getting at home internet might look like but not finding much. As I said, seems like most people tether from their phones. Didn’t think it would be such a big deal when I signed because I pay nothing for internet at home in Canada.

Nothing in canada?? Spill the beans please. I have not anywhere more expensive than canada for phone anything!

Here i pay 499 for unlimited internet and tether all day long. Not good on the battery, but one should always buy phones that have removable batteries anyway so the problem is limited. Is use Chunghua telecom. I dont play games, but i find the speed quite good for regular use, plus watching videos.

If you’re only here for another 4-5 months you might want to try Chunghwa. They have a good 1-month unlimited plan (as well as other 7-day, 15-day, etc. plans for tourists). Bring 2 IDs into a Chunghwa, if they make trouble then don’t back down. I’ve had minor resistance from streetside stores, if all else fails there’s one that will do it very quickly and easily right at the entrance to songshan airport.
Downside is you’ll have to renew every month but unless you’re willing to sign a long contract I think this is the best way.

Thanks everyone! In the end, Far East Tone was able to upgrade me to unlimited for 1046 NT a month. (It’s a bit more than Chungwha, but was cheaper than having to pay off the cancellation fee)