Wifi for beginners

I have Hinet ADSL (Random IP, PPPOE, need to log in with a password, ie not always-on) a little 8-port hub, and I would like to add a wifi thingy so I can access the net on a notebook (maybe even a PDA?) around the house. I’ll need a new hub, and wifi card for the notebook. But what sort ? I know nothing about this sort of thing.

Is a good idea to get a hub with a built in modem ? What would I do with my hinet modem ? Would it work ok with my PPPOE ? would it be able to share the connection ? Can I connect my desktop PC with my usual ethernet cable ? I don’t want to get a new card for my PC, especially when it’s a foot away from my modem and hub. Any good websites for beginners ?

Thanks for any help. Sorry if this has been asked before, maybe you can point me in the right direction if it has.

You cannot dispose of your HiNet modem. You will need to buy a router. This will enable multiple computers (wired/unwired) to access the connection. The simplest solution is to buy a combined router with WAP. Check out some of the models from SMC. smc-asia.com/ Some are bundled with wireless cards for your notebook, if you need that. Set up is pretty easy, and SMC manuals have English and a good website.

There are lots of “how to” articles on setting up a wireless conection. Here’s one: oreillynet.com/pub/a/wireles … _wifi.html