Wifi with your HINET acct

Another very useful piece of info I found from the ADSL installation man is you can use your broadband HINET acct name and pword to use HINET’s wifi service. No additional registration is required.

Wifi minutes are not free, but apparently, the prices are reasonable. I haven’t tried it yet but plan to soon.

As we know, HINET hotspots aren’t as numerous as EASY GO and some of the others, but they’re starting to pop up in more and more places.

Looks like HINET is really starting to come up with some awesome services (at very decent prices - 8 MB ADSL is only 1050 NT or so per month!)

Jefferson, any idea what the charge is?

Wish I could remember the password

[quote=“kelake”]Wish I could remember the password[/quote]Surprisingly easy to find out and change in person at Chunghwa Telecom.

I don’t have any details. Chunghua tel. should have them all.

I’ve used Hinet Wifi at CKS airport several times with my Hinet email account. I don’t recall what the charge was, but it was low enough that I didn’t care about it.