WiFly/ WiFly-Starbucks incompatibility

Here’s a new one. I thought that it was just me, but ran into a woman having the same problem today. If I log into WiFly, say in an MRT, and then walk into a Starbucks, I lose my WiFly connection and am unable to log in through WiFly-Starbucks. Nor can I log out of WiFly in order to log back in.

Any ideas?

i thought starbucks had a totally separate wifi deal? or am i missing yr point?

is wifly different from wifi?

WiFly is the Taipei City wifi network. In Starbucks, for whatever reason, they seem to have a parallel but poorly integrated network which goes under the WiFly-Starbucks name. One fee brings access to both–which should be one–but having accessed one it sometimes becomes impossible to access the other.

Sorry to be OT but thats quite an application process they have: http://www.wifly.com.tw/Wifly3/en/AboutWIFLY/Beginner/WiflyFlow/

Can’t say I would bother with that crap.

It’s not a big deal. took me 5 minutes. I’m just put out by losing the connection between MRT stops, and the Starbucks thing.

According to Wifly customer service, it’s possible to logout of the service by entering ap.logout . I’ve had some success using this method, or this method plus a cache dump, to move between Starbucks Wifly and Wifly generally. Still not great though.