Wiggle - disappointing experience


Update: so emails and chat with Wiggle are not really effective in my opinion. But after getting a bit more angry than usual (and some people think I’m an angry person!) I got a call from Wiggle, and it turns out that phone calls are much better than emails. Go figure…

Long story short:

  • emails = waste of time (mostly)
  • phone calls = if I keep them, I get a 35 British pounds refund and they’ll pay also the truing bill

I should send the wheelset back and get something in mint condition instead, but I’m tired and it seems that my original rear wheel is actually busted (sometimes it has a lot of play!), so I will probably use this refund and keep the ultegra wheels… and try to enjoy them in long rides and steep climbs :slight_smile:

Anyway, that’s all for the moment. I’m also happy to have fully understood the person on the other continent… I might be able to go to work there some day… BRILLIANT. :stuck_out_tongue: