Wii question

This is for anyone who is lucky enough to have a Wii in Taiwan. Does anyone know if you MOD the Wii, can you still go online with it? My understanding is that if you MOD an XBOX, you can no longer play games online. I’m wondering if it will be the same for the Wii???

Well I just came back from Australia, and my friend had a modded Wii, he could go online no probs, could buy the games online etc.

Sweet…thanks for the info! Time to MOD my Wii…oh yeah!

What will modding your Wii allow you to do? Play downloaded games, Japanese region games…anything else?

It will allow you to play “backed-up” games. :wink:

Yeah…it will allow you to play burned games. I’m not sure if it will allow you to play Japanese (different region) games??? But if it does, that would be cool.

Make sure you get a real mod chip… WiiKey has quite a few fakes. I got mine modded in guanghua (taipe) and so far it’s great.

Thanks for the heads up!

How long did it take? What did it cost? Are you now region free?