Wikimapia quest! Fill in your school!

I had an idea… … =0&m=m&v=2
This is the wikimapia Taiwan map. You can add locations as you see fit, so I suggest everyone go in and fill in any notable locations you see missing… Any night markets, department stores, clubs, bars, schools, etc.

This will be an ongoing quest of course but if everyone who is active on the forums filled in a few of their favorite locations, for example Eddy Buritos or Forkers, or Luxy, etc. we could make some very impressive progress and help each other out a lot.

The better this map is, the easier it’ll be for us to answer our own questions about things in Taiwan.

If you add things, please try to include the address and possibly phone number if it is a restaurant or school. Thanks a lot, I hope you guys like this idea.