Wikipedia Articles on Taiwan: Something For Everyone

Wikipedia Articles on Taiwan

I found this encyclopedic listing of articles on Taiwan related topics to be quite interesting – … ted_topics

Wikipedia is the free online encyclopedia, and your input is encouraged.

I wrote most of the history on that. I also did quite a lot on the Austronesian part too.


You deserve to be commended on your contributions to wikipedia. I have found them very useful. I sometimes wonder (like all who use wikipedia, I’m sure) about the accuracy of the information in the open-editing thing. But judging by your book list given in another thread on Taiwan history I think you know your shit.

On a side note, has anyone looked at what the wikipedia has for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, I see that there has been a warning added about the bias of the article which is good because when I first saw it I thought it was the most poorly written thing I ever saw on that site. Maybe some of the knowledgable people here could do better.