Will a US Spotify account work in Taiwan?

Trying to get a Spotify account here in Taiwan but my USA credit card won’t let me buy a subscription since it does not match Taiwan. My Taiwanese bank account is new and they won’t let me get a credit card yet. So if I change to USA Spotify account, I’m assuming it will work here right?

A premium account will let you use it anywhere worldwide, irrespective of the credit card billing address/Spotify settings.

Ok sounds good just wanted to double check before paying up. It’s too bad I can’t get a Taiwanese account because the USA account is more expensive

I have a Spotify account and use my Taiwan bank to pay it. I’m charged $149nt/month which seems to be cheaper than $10usd/month in States. I think it is cuz we had KKBox to compete with. Point is, try to use Taiwan bank account to get it and cancel you’re U.S. one.

The bank will not let me have a credit card. Is there any other way to pay linking it to Taiwan bank account?

I don’t use my Taiwan CC to pay it. Just get a bank card and you should be fine.

Yeah spotify are douchebags with the whole costing thing. It’s like 9.99 in Europe and the US. Us in the UK basically get mugged off on the currency exchange, therefore its way more expensive for the same service.

Don’t get me started on the 'deals for new customers but existing pay full price" crap, and ignoring upvoted new features in the forums but making UI changes noone wants and implementing crap easter eggs…