Will an icash card help me save money on coffee?


I’ve read through the old threads here and tried to read through the icash, 7-11, and Open Points sites with my subpar Chinese, Google Translate, and the Zhongwen plug-in. Thus far, all I can gather is… maybe? Can icash help me save money at 7-11? It seems there sometimes discounts on foods, those Open Points are just for the little trinkets, and coffee… well, not certain. Any discount is good. The coffee one would be big. Anyone have experience to share?


Sometimes you can get a few NT off your coffee with it, if you buy 2 cups. You can take one and they’ll give you a receipt so you can grab the next one the next time you’re in.


Ah, they give me that sometimes anyway. Thank you!


It changes from time to time. I got it without the card today.


Ah, you mean if you have the card its always a thing? Interesting…


Sometimes you have to use the card. Sometimes you don’t. Sometimes there’s no deal at all. The whole system is a huge waste of time. I always have to ask for the second cup and be told this or that about it, and wait for them to stamp the little receipt. I could ignore the whole thing, but I guess I’ve lived here too long to outright ignore a discount :slight_smile: